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If I Were McCain’s Communications Director I Would….

Posted by iusbvision on September 19, 2008

Right now I am looking at the stuff from the McCain camp and they must be careful not to get mired in the tactical mud too much although there still needs to be tactical responses like the Raines ad. BUT…overall…don’t get off the strategic message with the whole “Maverick” theme.

Tactical – do more Raines and Johnson ads… when they lie and deny that these people have/are working for the campaign – show the string of newspaper articles that show otherwise.

Tactical – do ANOTHER Obama sex ed k-12 ad – except just have the guy reading the text of that section of the bill while showing the text on the screen in that type-font that those bills have…PROVE you were right on that issue and put that ad on THE VIEW and make Joy Behar eat crow.

But keep in mind……

Obama is trying to get the McCain Camp off message.

Less guys with the killer radio voice doing ads, send Palin out there to say that this influence peddling that the banks and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are doing to Congress is the exact same deal that energy companies were doing to Alaska Government. They used the power of donations to lean on the government to keep the regulators at bay till it exploded. Have Palin name names and start blasting people as corrupt. 

It is mostly Democrats who have done this influence peddling but there are some Republicans as well, run against them all, run against Chris Cox, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd and Obama. Run against Congress and the Security Exchange Commission. Name names.

Run against Pelosi on drilling – use that video where she says to a protester “can we drill in your heads”

Name names…. did I forget to mention that?

McCain promised to do this very thing in his convention speech so why not start now?

Seriously if I were McCain’s communications director I would do it. The American people are sick of this and wanna see some blood – I would give it to them….. not to mention it has the virtue of being true.

A maverick Washington outsider can have credibility doing this. When they fire back at Palin they will be attacking her and not the top of the ticket.

Palin did more than just defeat those people who were corrupt in Alaska- she tore them down. It’s time to let Sarah do what she does best. Let’s see the pit bull.


Update – McCain points the economic probblems out as the influence peddling scandal that it is. Our analysis was spot on and ahead of the curve. McCain:

“We’ve heard a lot of words from Senator Obama over the course of this campaign. But maybe just this once he could spare us the lectures, and admit to his own poor judgment in contributing to these problems. The crisis on Wall Street started in the Washington culture of lobbying and influence peddling, and he was square in the middle of it.”

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