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More Media Bias to the Point of Laughable Stupidity

Posted by iusbvision on September 21, 2008

This time it is CNN.

This article from CNN criticizes Sarah Palin because one of her top advisors is ….drum roll please…. her husband Todd.

Elenoar Roosevelt is revered as a great political figure, Jackie had influence in foreign policy, Lady Bird Johnson made her husbands early political career possible, Bill & Hillary Clinton it was two heads in one, Michelle Obama the bright lawyer and partner of Barack Obama who adds so much substance to everything Barack does…and Todd Palin… the evil SHADOW GOVERNOR that CNN and the critics object to….

Give me a break.

UPDATE: Now the Washington Post has the “unaccountable husband” piece. The double standard here is amazing. Spouses of government executives oftem play a role in things. Of course this is about what I expect from the WashPost any more.

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