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Obama Pro-Gun Radio Ad is a Lie – Don’t Be Fooled

Posted by iusbvision on September 22, 2008

Here in Indiana, where Obama is trying to make a competitive run, the Obama campaign is playing radio ads talking up how pro-gun he is. Examine the evidence and please feel free to comment on whether or not you think his ad is trying to fool you.

Dr. John Lott, who worked with Obama at the University of Chicago, says:

The Obama that I knew while we were both at the University of Chicago Law School during the 1990s was someone who disliked talking to people with whom he disagreed. Possibly it was just his extreme dislike of gun ownership, but I had more than one occasion when my attempts to talk to him ended in him turning his back and walking away.

The media’s portrayal of Obama as willing to work with those who disagree with him is not the person that I remember from a decade ago.

Dr. Lott’s research on gun control laws is the academic standard on the issue.  

The NRA has Obama’s voting record listed as an F rating on gun laws. The NRA says this:

Fact : Obama voted to allow the prosecution of citizens who use a firearm for self-defense in the home.
Illinois Senate, S.B. 2165. 3/25/04

Fact : Obama has supported banning hundreds of rifles and shotguns commonly used for hunting and sport shooting.
Illinois Senate Debate #3: Barack Obama vs. Alan Keyes, 10 / 21 / 0 4

Fact : Obama voted to allow reckless lawsuits designed to put the firearms industry out of business.
S.397, vote 219, 7/ 29/ 05

Fact : Obama voted to ban almost all rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting.
S.397, vote 217, 7/29/05

Update: comments on the NRA’s ads reminding people of this issue.

MSNBC calls out Obama on gun control deception.

Obama then vs Obama now.


Obama in reference to Pennsylvania voters when he is at a closed fund raiser of left coast elite friends: You folk get bitter and cling to your religion and guns out of frustration (that Obama hasn’t “saved” you yet)

Hillary on Obama’s comments.

Ar 5:14 into the video, Sarah Palin reacts to Obama’s comments.

ABC’s 20/20 examines gun laws to see if they reduce crime.

UPDATE: Remember how I said that gets it right about 80% of the time? Well this is one of the 20% where FactCheck didn’t do their homework, didn’t look at the record and blew it big time. Anyone who checked the public record for 30 minutes could not take the position took on the gun control issue. I could give a top to bottom analysis, but Patterico beat me to it and he did a great job. Malkin comments HERE.

UPDATE II: On TV the Obama campaign spokesman is openly lying about Obama’s gun ban record. The public record is clear and easy to find, yet the Washington Post (who has still not retracted a long list of debunked Palin smears) and simply refuse to look at his record or his previous statements. They are even saying that a questionnaire where he said that he wanted to ban all handguns that had Obama’s handwriting on it wasn’t his and they were not his answers. The NRA is spot on when it comes to Obama’s record. Don’t be fooled. The elite media going “pro-gun” all of the sudden for Obama should be a clue as to what is going on. comments HERE.

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Palin Blasts Iran’s Nuclear Program & Treatment of Women: He Must be Stopped

Posted by iusbvision on September 22, 2008

This is the speech that Democrats threatened a charity’s tax exempt status in order to stop Palin from delivering it at their event. Palin released the text of the speech to the New York Sun.

Read her speech HERE.


Tomorrow, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will come to New York — to the heart of what he calls the Great Satan — and speak freely in this, a country whose demise he has called for.

Ahmadinejad may choose his words carefully, but underneath all of the rhetoric is an agenda that threatens all who seek a safer and freer world. We gather here today to highlight the Iranian dictator’s intentions and to call for action to thwart him.

He must be stopped.

The world must awake to the threat this man poses to all of us. Ahmadinejad denies that the Holocaust ever took place. He dreams of being an agent in a “Final Solution” — the elimination of the Jewish people. He has called Israel a “stinking corpse” that is “on its way to annihilation.” Such talk cannot be dismissed as the ravings of a madman — not when Iran just this summer tested long-range Shahab-3 missiles capable of striking Tel Aviv, not when the Iranian nuclear program is nearing completion, and not when Iran sponsors terrorists that threaten and kill innocent people around the world. …

It is said that the measure of a country is the treatment of its most vulnerable citizens. By that standard, the Iranian government is both oppressive and barbaric. Under Ahmadinejad’s rule, Iranian women are some of the most vulnerable citizens.

If an Iranian woman shows too much hair in public, she risks being beaten or killed.

If she walks down a public street in clothing that violates the state dress code, she could be arrested.

But in the face of this harsh regime, the Iranian women have shown courage. Despite threats to their lives and their families, Iranian women have sought better treatment through the “One Million Signatures Campaign Demanding Changes to Discriminatory Laws.” The authorities have reacted with predictable barbarism. Last year, women’s rights activist Delaram Ali was sentenced to 20 lashes and 10 months in prison for committing the crime of “propaganda against the system.” After international protests, the judiciary reduced her sentence to “only” 10 lashes and 36 months in prison and then temporarily suspended her sentence. She still faces the threat of imprisonment. comments HERE.

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Palin Draws 60,000 People for Florida Speech

Posted by iusbvision on September 22, 2008

…and where is the elite media showing the crowds and talking up what a “Superstar” she is like they did Obama?

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Illegal Unattributed Smear Palin Ads from the Same PR Firm Obama Campaign Uses

Posted by iusbvision on September 22, 2008

UPDATE: Fox News Megyn Kelly Covers the Story! comments HERE.

FEC rules require that political ads have to say who paid for them. These are totally dishonest smear ads that have been debunked by and other legit news outfits, yet Winner and Associates, a PR firm that has been used by David Axelrod and the Obama campaign has been making these illegal ads and posting them on youtube and other places on the internet.

  • Evidence suggests that a YouTube video with false claims about Palin was uploaded and promoted by members of a professional PR firm.
  • The family that runs the PR firm has extensive ties to the Democratic Party, the netroots, and are staunch Obama supporters.
  • Evidence suggests that the firm engaged in a concerted effort to distribute the video in such a way that it would appear to have gone viral on its own. Yet this effort took place on company time.
  • Evidence suggests that these distribution efforts included actions by at least one employee of the firm who is unconnected with the family running the company.
  • The voice-over artist used in this supposedly amateur video is a professional.
  • This same voice-over artist has worked extensively with David Axelrod’s firm, which has a history of engaging in phony grassroots efforts, otherwise known as “astroturfing.”
  • David Axelrod is Barack Obama’s chief media strategist.
  • The same voice-over artist has worked directly for the Barack Obama campaign.

Jawa Report has all the evidence HERE, Special thanks to Hotair for the heads up.

Here is the bogus smear ad

HERE is who has been uploading them all over the place.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin is on the case. UPDATE II – Looks like Malkin got a confession. Just use the previous link.

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Why Are Former Fannie Mae CEO’s Not in Front of Congress?

Posted by iusbvision on September 22, 2008


Congress yanked the oil company CEO’s in front of a committee to grill them so why not Fannie Mae?

Answer, Franklin Raines, James Johnson, Jamie Gorelick etc… they are all Clinton political appointees.

Hello elite media??

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SNL Destroy’s Elite Media in Video

Posted by iusbvision on September 22, 2008

Hat Tip

And as is so often the case, when SNL goes after the elite media or the Democrats NBC pulls down the video from everywhere.

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