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Editor to McCain Campaign: Let Me Tell You How To Answer The “Deregulation” Talking Point that Palin Blew with Katie

Posted by iusbvision on September 24, 2008

Here Katie hits Palin with this ridiculous Obama talking point that he has been using for over a week.

The Left Wing Narrative: Why would McCain have called for more strict regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when Republicans are for less regulation and smaller government?

Palin Answers

Palin’s answer, while barely adequate, should have been hit out of the park and resulted in a missed opportunity.

Here is what an effective political communications advisor would have advised Palin to say to nuke the deregulation talking point, so turn on your best Sarah Palin voice in your head and read along:

Katie, I have two answers to that question because that question comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of government and conservatism in general, and the problem we are facing right now with these institutions that were the catalyst to this whole mess,  which is why it is no surprise that the other guys are using it as a talking point.

When I first ran for my first political office my city did not have a police department. Now maybe the person who ran against me might say that I am not for small government because I am expanding it by inventing a whole new city department, but that would be silly.

Katie this is no different. Bank regulators and Treasury Agents are like police and need to protect us from theft and fraud. Senator McCain realized that there was a problem with the financial police that oversaw Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because the people who were supervising those police and were taking money from those that they regulated. Those regulators report to the Banking Committees in Congress and not to the Treasury Department. Those politicians in Congress were taking money from them and protecting them. Senator McCain tried to fix that.

Protecting people from fraud and theft is a perfectly proper and expected role of government and just because Republicans tend to favor leaner, more efficient government doesn’t mean that we don’t want good police. And just because we want good police doesn’t mean that we want the government butting into other aspects of our lives.

The other answer is even more simple Katie, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, weren’t private companies as most people understand them, they are government sponsored enterprises and as such the obligation to make sure they are doing right by the people is natural.

This explanation, besides being completely true, destroys the core of Obama’s chief talking point on this issue and would also make her base jump for joy by showing an understanding of what conservatism is all about.

As far as answering Katie’s question on more regulation, stick with the police theme:

Sure Katie that’s easy, crime bills, ethics laws in political campaigns, drug interdiction, anti-terror legislation, Homeland Security, the voting rights bills and again Katie, that is a proper role of government that no conservative would oppose.

If the campaign wanted to get “touchy feely” they could mention McCain’s solution to cover people who have pre-existing conditions and have catastrophic health concerns (preventing them from getting private health insurance) by making a government backed GAP plan to help cover those people with health insurance.

Tossing all modesty aside for a moment, several professors have said that I “articulate Administration positions better than anyone in the administration”. As a communications major and a student of political science, I know my craft well, if only those in Washington were so competent. I am quite tired of allowing the elite media to define traditional America as the enemy because we have lacked an effective communications strategy. Hat Tip for the video. UPDATE: Hotair comments on this question from Katie HERE.

Bottom Line –

Obama has used that talking point for a week, any campaign should have an argument against every talking point of the other side, and in this case it is really easy because most of their talking points are easily debunked deceptions. There is no excuse for Palin to not be more prepared for that question. Maybe I should let myself out for hire. Don’t get me wrong, Palin is a great leader and has proved it time and time again. I would like to see the campaign do better in the communications department.

Chuck Norton

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