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American Thinker Magazine Catches Up With IUSB Vision: Tells McCain to Name Names

Posted by iusbvision on October 1, 2008

On September 18 and 19 the editor of the IUSB Vision, Chuck Norton, told the McCain campaign to start naming names with what is now the largest financial scandal in the history of the world (see links HERE and HERE). The American people want blood for this and when you name the key people who caused this to happen most are Democrats. Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick, James Johnson, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd etc.

Today American Thinker Magazine sends the same message HERE. American Thinker points out that the Democrats are trying to put the blame on McCain when in fact they have themselves to blame. It is no different than the blame for Hurricane Katrina, when the money for the levies and other disaster preparedness funds were misspent by local Democrats, when the Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco did not even attempt to follow the states disaster action plan, when Governor Blanco resisted help from the feds and the Red Cross and the Salvation Army by ordering the State Police to keep their convoy’s of relief supplies out of the area.

This election is winable for the McCain campaign, but they are just not willing to really get into the fight against the elite media and the Democrats. The Republicans, wanting to appear more “gentlemanly” are allowing their enemies to define them with a long series of deceptions.

Excerpt from American Thinker:

When folks are this angry, there is hell to pay and “hell to pay” includes figuring out who to blame. For all of McCain’s wanting to stay “above the fray” and his too-clever-by-half comment that now is not the time to assign blame, he is not hearing the public. It is indeed time to assign blame. With this kind of financial destruction on the part of most American families, someone is going to get blamed. You can count on it.

Let me repeat. Someone will get blamed. You will either enter that debate or you will lose that debate. Period.

And short of properly assigning blame to the liberal policies and politicians who are responsible for this mess, the blame will automatically fall to the current Presidential administration and by extension, his party. Right or wrong, that’s how our politics play out. McCain simply has no choice now. He will start doing what he claims he loves to do related to government corruption — naming names — or he will be thrown on the ash heap of electoral shame alongside Bob Dole, George H. W. Bush and so on.

The good news for McCain, should he decide to grasp it, is that the party against which he is (supposed to be) running can easily be pegged with the lion’s share of the blame regarding our economic meltdown. There is no doubt that liberal policies on energy and housing have combined to put the country in this situation, and only unwinding these policies will lead the nation out of this problem. Naming names properly will name a whole lot of folks with “D” beside their names.

So today we are going to toot out own horn. We tell our readers that we provide some of the best news and analysis anywhere. We deliver on that promise.

2 Responses to “American Thinker Magazine Catches Up With IUSB Vision: Tells McCain to Name Names”

  1. Suzanne said

    What McCain and Republicans in general need to remember (or perhaps learn) is that whomever gets out front in the blame game wins. Everyone remembers the initial placement of blame and nothing after the fact can change an initial impression made on the drive-by public (those who only get their news from headlines).

    The democrats have already begun blaming. Doesn’t McCain see that? That little stunt speech preceding the House vote was full of blame that was designed so that the public would see the Dem’s story – blame the Bush administration and blame the Republicans (not all of them, of course heh heh). Obama is blaming Republicans. NOT ONE REPUBLICAN has blamed ANY Democrat. WHY?

    [Suzanne – I am starting to agree with American Thinker. At first it looked like McCain was going to fight hard to win, or at least define himself and be specific with the facts. Now it is becoming more clear that John McCain, in his desire to not appear partisan, is only willing to fight so far. That is why his ads are so general and unspecific and why he wont name names. This campaign is very winnable, but as I said it is becoming clear that McCain would rather lose the election than push the truth any harder. – Editor]

  2. geokstr said

    I believe this tactic is called “pre-emption”. By screaming foul first, even without any indication of foul play by your opponent, you immediately marginalize your opponent’s legitimate complaints, especially when you can count on a compliant media.

    The most notable example by the Obama campaign has been to claim that his opponents will use racism against him. He hit on that theme early and often. By the time McCain started his campaign in earnest anything critical said about Obama was labelled “racist” not only by Obama but by all the leftwing media (i.e., redundant phrase, non?) as well. Now polls (conducted by left wing orgs) with ambiguous phrasing have concluded that 30-40% of even DEMOCRATS hold racist opinions, I presume in an attempt to invoke white guilt in conservative democrats and wavering Hillary supporters. The media has discovered racism in pretty much every ad put out by McCain because all of them focus on the same African-American guy for some reason that MUST be racially motivated.

    I believe that this is why McCain refuses to name names in this “financial crisis”. It is rooted in socialist policies to force loans to individuals with poor credit histories, poor employment records, located in bad neighborhoods, compounded by “Community Organizers” like Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama himself. However, to point this out would immediately result in cries of “Racist” all over the media, academic and entertainment industries and the rest of the known universe. You saw that even Palin’s mild mocking of “community organizers” was smeared as racism.

    I continue to believe that the timing of this “crisis” is too perfect to benefit Obama to be coincidental. Frank and Dodd and other backers of an unfettered Freddie and Fannie would have been well apprised of their condition long ago by their cronies in top positions there. Is it just good fortune for Obama that this burst on the scene just 7 weeks before the election, and only 1 week after the stunning nomination of Palin put a crimp in the coronation plans for Obama?

    I think not.

    If it had been announced as little as 3-4 months ago, it would have probably sorted itself out enough by now to be of little help to Obama, and if 2 months later, it would have had no effect on the election at all. It sure smells like this is the mother of all October surprises, held in abeyance until needed, and the Obama campaigned was so panicked by Palin that they played the card earlier than they had hoped to.

    Of course, this would have had to come out in the near future at the latest anyway. If, however, as was originally projected, Obama could have managed to sweep to victory with large majorities in the congress without the “crisis”, imagine what that “bailout” bill might have looked like. Billions for ACORN, the “Fairness Doctrine” to kill talk radio, a re-enactment of the ban on drilling, and lots of other goodies that the left have been salivating over for just about forever.

    As further evidence that this “crisis” was deliberately timed, Pelosi has reportedly already assured Frank, Dodd, and others that there will be no investigations into their role in all this. If Obama is elected, look instead for kangaroo trials for the few republican Masters of the Universe on Wall Street. I’m sure you’ve seen this article in the American Thinker about Obama’s radical background:

    This tactic was first elucidated all the way back in 1966 in “The Nation”:
    “The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis.”

    Looks like Obama learned his lessons well.

    If only McCain had taken a token stand with the House republicans on the “bailout” bill, even if he had eventually caved, he could have tapped into the huge reservoir of anger among all Americans, including democrats. Instead, he had to play the “bipartisan” “statesman” “presidential” role instead. I guarantee that Obama was ROTFLHAO as he watched McCain shoot himself in the foot over and over again in vain. The moment has been lost, and now a gullible public ranks the party that caused the problem to be the best suited to correcting it.


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