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Posted by iusbvision on October 2, 2008

The Debate Fact Check Article is now up and the link is HERE – Editor

Palin was in command and as the debate went on she realized she was winning and her mood got better and better and wow did it show. Palin has that near Reaganesque charm, that people power ability that connects her with the middle class and sends condescending elitists running to their overpriced therapists.

Peggy Noonan – A Palin critic, had this to say…

Sarahcuda kept Biden on the ropes…

When Ronald Reagan debated Fritz Mondale, his staff tried to load him up with a bunch of numbers and Reagan tried to use too many of those numbers in each answer. It came off as clumsy, it didn’t work. After that Reagan told his staffers to stuff it and went out and kicked butt, Reagan style.

We now know that the mistakes that were made with Palin at the beginning of the campaign were the same mistake that Reagan’s staff made with him; a mistake that the McCain campaign has recovered from.

Joe Biden, who has a history of being a solid and sober debater, was classic Joe Biden, but he made three mistakes:

1. All the Bush bashing is getting old, most people know that the first 6 years of the Bush administration went great, after the Democrats took Congress 2 years ago things have gone downhill since, while part of that is coincidence, part of it is not. Palin was able to point out that too many people are not taking responsibility and pointing at others in the past and followed up with a powerful statement that people need to take personal responsibility.

2. Biden for the first half of the debate was kicking out a bunch of numbers that ended up jumbling his message and making peoples eyes glass over. After a while I was hearing a bunch of numbers that I can’t verify till I get a transcript and look them up one by one and his message was lost. Biden made the mistake that Reagan did in the first debate with Mondale. Biden tried to jumble her up with a bunch of numbers to try and lock Palin up. It didn’t work.

3. Biden had to make SURE that he didn’t gaffe like he has almost weekly during the campaign. As a result Biden was too sober and was a bit monotone after a time. However when Biden talked about his sons and got a bit emotional that was clearly Biden’s very finest moment.


Biden was not factually accurate on his coal comments. Biden told people in coal states he was for it and told people in non coal states that he wasn’t. We reported it and posted the youtube video on this very web site. Palin could have pounded this point harder so that was a missed opportunity. I have a feeling that when the transcript is out we will find that Biden was not factually accurate on several other points.

When Biden said over and over that McCain voted to cut funding on the troops – no one bought that. It is well known that McCain often votes against good bills that have too much pork. The Republicans should make Biden eat crow for these comments.

Palin pointed out the times where Biden said that Obama was not ready to be Commander in Chief and brought up the votes that Biden criticized Obama on.  

Frank Luntz Focus Groups says Sarah wins!! Hat Tip for the video link

The spin from the Obama campaign is that Palin did not refute all of Biden’s criticism’s of John McCain. McCain camp should make them eat crow for this as well. When Biden throws out 10 unsubstantiated allegations in 15 seconds it takes longer than a one minute response to set the record straight.

Palin also had several powerful moments. When she said “Never again will we be taken advantage of”, “we need to bring Main Street Wasilla common sense to Washington”, her statements that government needs to take personal responsibility just like regular people do. She puleld the quote from the Daily Show where Biden said that he would be honored to run with McCain.  Palin also pointed out that Obama said that our troops in Afghanistan were “air raiding villages and killing civilians”

August 14, 2007 In Nashua, NH, Monday, Obama said that the U.S. has “gotta get the job done” in Afghanistan which requires us to have enough troops that we’re not just air raiding villages and killing civilians which is causing enormous problems there.


–>UPDATE:Karl Rove has a list of 10 points where Biden is factually wrong and there is no argument about. Rove is listing them against the record. Rove is also listing 6 points where Biden is arguably wrong. A bad one was when Biden said that Article I of the Constitution covered the executive branch when in fact it covers the legislative. Several of the votes Biden said McCain voted on are wrong, McCain voted the other way. It will take a bit of time to get through the transcript and fact check it all.

Here is our post on the coal Flip/Flop complete with video —>


UPDATE II: I have been sitting here going over the debate and I have realized another dimension to this story. Joe Biden was not enjoying himself. I say that because it showed that he did not like what he was asked to do, which was tear down one of his good friends of 30 years John McCain, a man that Biden said he would be honored to join with on a presidential ticket. While Joe Biden was more leftist till about 1994, he grew more moderate in time and Biden never liked strident partisanship for the sake of being partisan; although Biden would do it if really pushed into it. As we have said before, Joe Biden is a nice guy, a nice guy who will play hardball politrics but only when forced into it. His heart really wasn’t in it. I am beginning to think that he accepted the VP nomination to prevent Obama from doing something foolish in office. Biden is the kind of man who would make a decision like that.

One Response to “SARAHCUDA IS BACK!”

  1. David said

    Release a series of ads that feature Palin talking to the American people. Release a series of ads featuring military vets asking Obama pointed question about his “airraiding” comments andthe funding issues.

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