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Disturbing: Obama Youth Fraternity Regiment

Posted by iusbvision on October 3, 2008

When this first video came out some thought that the children singing about Obama ala North Korea style was a little creepy…wait till you see this new video below. It is full blown sick.

Now for something way more disturbing…

If you havent seen the children singing video here it is… compared with a clip on North Korean kids singing to the leader….

One Response to “Disturbing: Obama Youth Fraternity Regiment”

  1. CAJones said

    Who exactly termed this disturbing???

    If these young men had worn, boy scout uniforms, and saluted and said we are inspired by Clinton…I honestly believe there would cheers and commendations all around. The complaints over this just make me disgusted!! Someone actually compared this to Hitler! I will pray for the hearts and mind that could even deduce such a thing out of this. Hitler wanted others not like him DEAD~!, He was not encouraging education or serving others!!

    Please open you mind and your eyes!
    If these young men are learning to apply discipline…I see that positive.
    If they are inspired to seek education and not drugs or guns – I see that as positive.
    If they share these values with others – and encourage one another to persue their goals, I see at as positive.
    If they take that message to their homes and communities, I see that as positive. What – What is so threatening about this? That it is different than the way OTHERS do it.

    Okay, it is different than what someone of another culture might do…not criminal, not sinful, not bad, just different! A higher power than either of us created us all different…Please don’t kill their dream…don’t kill these children…or Obama for the fact that they are different!

    Neither of them had a choice – or I bet Obama would look a heck of lot more like his Mother!

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