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An Appeal to Reason

Posted by iusbvision on October 4, 2008

I certainly share some feelings with you all about how poor this bill bailout was. I have written several articles explaining just how poor this bill was, inspite of the some of the improvements that the holdouts in Congress insisted upon.  We saw the mortgage industry crash in a matter of days, a credit crunch they said, well now look at our deficit. Both parties are spending like crazy, how long can we keep this up till the government’s debt creates the mother of all credit crunches?

Markets go up and down; does anyone believe that if Congress took a few more days to really improve this bill that the market would not have eventually recovered? Instead they filled it with pork to buy a few more votes.

Kirsten Powers (Democrat Strategist) Rips Obama and Congress – Praises Palin  

This just goes to show that there is a massive bipartisan problem with Congress and it needs an ethics and procedural reform overhaul.

Except for the extremists who are mired by hate, this is one issue that is bringing more regular Republican and Democrat voters together.

People need to wake up, on some of the wedge issues too. Just because Palin is pro-life doesn’t mean that she is an activist out to change the law, she never tried to change the law in Alaska.

Palin took down a billion dollar corruption ring in her own party and corruption is now my number one issue period after this debacle that was totally avoidable. Obama and Biden have no intention of dealing with this problem. Instead they want to spend a trillion more. Enough. How much more of OUR trillion will be pisssed away in corruption and influence peddling? 

As far as McCain, I guess all I can do is pray that he is serious about this whole “maverick” thing. If he is and if McCain/Palin win, expect the old boys network in both parties and the elite media to try and destroy them. Lets face facts, lots of people have been killed for lots less money than is being spread due to influence peddling and corruption in and around Congress. Compared to these issues, the other issues that seperate traditional Republicans and Democrats are starting to look smaller and smaller.

So many people just point at Bush or Clinton, and while they have certainly had their errors, Americans need to wake up to the real problem that has been most of the problem all along: a Congress that as an institution is a self first, country last, disaster. They know that the American people are not watching what they do very carefully and the press isn’t either. This must change if our republic is to survive.

I see that some democrats are getting as upset over what is happening as I am:

Of course we can’t forget Hillbuzz  – the big Hillary Blog that has also said that they have had enough.

And Lynn Rothschild

So are some Republicans:

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