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BREAKING: LA NOW President Endorses Palin!

Posted by iusbvision on October 4, 2008


Just got this email from FNC embed producer….as soon as it came in and I saw it, my eyes popped out!!  I know this woman!!   I read it to my husband…and he agrees!  This endorsement is going to really going to cause a storm!!  Hang on to your seat! Read!

From: Gomez, Serafin
Sent: Sat Oct 04 18:05:43 2008
Subject: Head of NOW. LA chapter Endorses Palin

Carson, CA-

The head of the LA chapter of National Organization for Women has just endorsed Gov Palin @ campaign rally. Not speaking NOW or her chapter she said but as an individual. ” This is what a feminist looks like,” she just before handing it over to SLP.
Serafin Gomez
Producer, FNC Political Unit
Washington Bureau


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