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Brilliant Black Conservative Episode III

Posted by iusbvision on October 4, 2008

Our first two installments of video’s from the brilliant black conservative are HERE and HERE.

Today the brilliant black conservative lectures Republicans who are intolerant of Christians. Now this does not get talked about a lot, but there is a wing of activist Republicans who HATE anyone who believes in God. Most of them are people who read Atlas Shrugged before they were emotionally or spiritually mature enough to handle it and just didn’t handle it with any sense of perspective. One of the reasons I stopped chatting with many of the people at Protest Warrior is because of this hate, and for some reason the owner of the site who is a practicing Jew let this hatred go on. Even some of the moderators got in on it. I don’t like to associate myself with extremists or haters (I know before you say it.. then why are you going to college Chuck.. ok ya got me there but lets move on) so I don’t participate.

Mr. Brilliant is talking about Free-Republic today. The “freepers” as they are known mostly are a good group of people, but they have a core of activists who hate people who show religion. I stopped participating there for the same reason Mr. Brilliant has. While the freepers link to my writings and like the stuff I write, they need to deal with or educate the group of people there who are just plain intolerant. Of course activist left wingers are openly hostile to Christians, but that is common knowledge, this group of intolerate Republicans does not get discussed much so I am glad that Mr. Brilliant is taking them on. He also takes on those in the black community who hate those who are different.

Mr. Brilliant explains why he supports the McCain/Palin ticket

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