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The Bottom Line on the Keating 5

Posted by iusbvision on October 6, 2008

The Democrats own lawyer in the “Keating 5” investigation, Bob Bennet, said that McCain did absolutely nothing wrong and should never have been dragged into the investigation, but he said that the Democrats did it anyways because they wanted a Republican to make the scandal look “bi-partisan”,2933,331651,00.html

Video: Watch Part 1 of the interview | Watch Part 2

Democrat Lawyer and Power Broker Bob Bennet

Democrat Lawyer and Power Broker Bob Bennet

BENNETT: You know, I’m in a pretty unique position to talk about John McCain. First, I should tell your listeners, you know, I’m a registered Democrat, so I’m not on his side of a lot of issues. But I investigated John McCain for a year and a half, at least, when I was special counsel to the Senate Ethics Committee in the Keating Five, which, by the way, this New York Times article goes back to and discusses, goes back years and years.

And if there is one thing I am absolutely confident of, it is John McCain is an honest and honest man. I recommended to the Senate Ethics Committee that he be cut out of the case, that there was no evidence against him, and I think for the New York Times to dig this up just shows that Senator McCain’s public statement about this is correct. It’s a smear job. I’m sorry.

COLMES: It’s OK, sir. In your book, you actually talk about the Keating Case and how you suggested they not pursue John McCain. The Washington Post reported back in December that you sent prepared answers to written questions submitted by the New York Times concerning the breaking news we are discussing tonight. Can you elaborate on that?

BENNETT: Yes. All of the matters that they allude to – I mean, they are not even very specific – we answered fully to the New York Times. We showed them that there was just nothing there. And, unfortunately, they have just obviously disregarded all of the hard evidence that we presented.

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