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Obama Campaign Conceeds They Lied About Ayers – Admits Obama Knew About Ayers Past When They Worked Together.

Posted by iusbvision on October 7, 2008

UPDATE: Now Obama says he worked with Ayres, knew about his past but thought he was rehabilitated, in spite of highly publicized interviews where Ayres said he was proud of what he did and regrets nothing. Details HERE.

[So lets see, first Obama said he was a guy in the neighborhood, then it was a tanjential relationship to Bill O’reilly, then it was well we worked together on a board, then we find out that Ayres hired him to serve on two boards to hand out millions in misspent charity money that wnet to political activisim instead of helping kids, then its I served with Ayres but I didn’t know about his past, now its ya I knew but I thought he was rehabilitated, which is also a lie because in a series of highly rtelevised interviews Ayres made it clear how proud he was of what he did and how he did not do enough. Obama lied when he said he had nothing to do with ACORN either. I can’t speak for all of you folks, but I have had my fill of liars in office. – Editor]

ABC’s Mark Halperin Got the Scoop – reports:

Obama spokesman: Yes, he continued to work with Ayers after he found out about his past

posted at 5:05 pm on October 7, 2008

Simple question from a surprisingly dogged Mark Halperin: Does Obama consider it appropriate to associate professionally with an unrepentant terrorist or not? No answer from Gibbs, although in practice The One’s answer is clear enough: Of course he does. The “statute of limitations” had run, don’tcha know, which is why Axelrod now feels bold enough to admit, “No one is suggesting that he never knew.”

After you watch the clip, take a crack at this short BBC radio interview with Ayers from 2007. Exit quotation: “I don’t make any apology for it at all.”

See our previous post with the evidence of Ayres and other radical relationships HERE.

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  1. […] camp concedes that Obama DID lie about his relationship with Ayres. Here is the link for that.…rked-together/ Do you still believe he did not??? Just because Fact Checker said he didn’t??? When was it that […]

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