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Our First Reaction from Tonights Debate

Posted by iusbvision on October 7, 2008

McCain did better at the beginning but Obama did better at the end. Mostly because McCain did not jump all over Obama when he spoke total nonsense on some foreign policy issues.

McCain was just better on the economy when he talked about his record of cutting spending, reigning in corruption and opposing his own party at times when it was needed. McCain is right about this folks. If you think the credit crunch is bad now. Unless this debt gets under control the crunch that will come will make 1929 look like romper room.

On Iraq McCain should just have said look, Saddam was giving money and support to terrorists all over the world and while most of his WMD stock pile was gone he preserved the programs to reproduce those weapons in violation of the cease fire agreement and UN Resolutions. After 9/11 we could not let that behavior go on and the Congress voted likewise. What is important is the here and the now and in the here and the now Obama has been wrong on step after step.

Iran and North Korea. Four years ago from the Democrats it was the United States does everything unilaterally and we need to work with our neighbors. So we did just that and let France & Germany work diplomacy on Iran while we gave our support for the talks. It got no where. It just bought Iran time. Now Iran has told the UN to cram it.

In North Korea Carter and Clinton did unilateral talks with the North Koreans, gave them all sorts of goodies in treasure and what did we get? A nuclear North Korea. So Bush worked hard to get the 6 party talks with Japan, China, South Korea and Russia to all lean on North Korea and they suspended their program. And now from time to time they threaten to start it up but that is North Korea, it is how they do things. The rub is, the Democrats were totally opposed to the 6 party talks and wanted direct talks again.

The reality is that no matter what we do, whether it worked or not, the Democrats proclaim the opposite.  


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