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“The Round Up” of ALL you need to know October 7-10, 2008

Posted by iusbvision on October 7, 2008

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Obama said that Terrorist Bill Ayres was just a guy who lived in the neighborhood. Then we learned that Obama’s political career was launched at a gathering in Ayers home. Then we learned that Ayers hired Obama to work on the Woods Foundation. Obama Campaign then said that well of course they worked together, but Obama didn’t know about Ayres past. The evidence came out in a short time that the Obama campaign did know. Now the evidence is out that Ayers hired Obama to hand out $50 million on Annenberg Charity money. That isn’t something you do for someone you know is “just in the neighborhood”. That money went to radical political groups instead of helping kids. Now the Obama campaign admits that Obama worked with Ayres and knew his past. So should we be surprised to see this ad from the McCain Campaign?


This is a MUST SEE Video about Obama from CNN

We have always said that gets it wrong almost half the time. When we use them as a source we always find a way to double check before we run with it. Today Not Your Sweetie, a Hillary Blog, peeled one of their last pieces of near laughable propaganda like a bananna.


DEBATE: Obama Reversed himself on Genocide – Ignored Genocide Under Saddam


Our first reaction to the Second Presidential Debate.


Holy Cow You Simply MUST Watch This Video

Colbert Report with a top economist on who is at fault for the mortgage mess – maybe they read the Vision.


Obama Campaign Conceeds They Lied About Ayers– Admits Obama Knew About Ayers Past When They Worked Together on two boards to ABC’s Mark Halperin – video included.


W Ketchup Company demandsthat Obama return the Fannie Mae money he recieved and gives a synopsis of how his people helped get us into this mess.


Looks like the couple who scammed Wachovia with the sale of billions in sub-prime mortgages are huge contributors to ACORN and all sorts of far left organizations. – See the update section of that post.


McCain Campaign finally starts telling the world about what happened at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They should have started this 2 weeks ago – but this is a great speech worth the time.  

VIDEO: CNN Outs Obama for Lying about Bill Ayres – lets face it folks, Ayres didn’t pick Obama to spread out $100 million in Annenberg Charitry Funds which were misspent on political activism because they were just people that were “in the neighborhood”. Notice also how Michelle Obama has been put away after a few comments from her? Obama need sto keep silent those who know him best. Think about it.


Saturday Night Live did a skit on the mortgage crisis putting the blame right square on the Democrats for blocking all reforms because they were on the take. NBC then promptly removed the video from NBC’s web site. Fortunately a smart Hillary supporter posted a copy of it HERE.


Democrats are running hearings about how the mortgage crisis happened….. but they are refusing to look at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae or Congresses own role in this mess. Chris Shays has something to say about it.


The L.A. Times is now doing KGB style edit jobs on McCain’s speeches.


Another columnist rips Biden for his lies in the debate.


VIDEO: Palin shuts down a heckler.


The Democrat lawyer who ran the Keating 5 investigation says McCain did nothing wrong and should not have been dragged into it.


It’s not just the L.A. Times – the AP is in full blown propaganda mode for Obama as well.


VIDEO: Another black American explains why he cant vote for Barack.


New 527 Video adson Fannie Mae curruption.


AUDIO: Obama said in 2007 that giving these sub-prime mortgages to people who couldn’t previously affortd a mortgage is a good idea.


Mike Oxley – A republican who is trying to lie his way out of responsibility for his role in the mortgage crash. IUSB Vision is the only one who has this accurate analysis.


Watch and see how carefully and brilliantly Barney Frank lies to Bill O’reilly.


VIDEO: L.A. Chapter President of NOW endorses Palin…. and the media is silent.


VIDEO: Brilliant Black Conservative Episode III.


Thomas Sowell asks: Do facts Matter? The famed economist tells how Fannie and Freddie happened and who is responsible.


VIDEO: Biden Used to Stand on Principle – What Happened?


Editorial – An Appeal to Reason.


Palin gives more to charity in one year than Biden did in eight and she has less income.


DISTURBING VIDEO: Obama Youth Fraternity Regiment.


Tackling the bogus “deregulation” argument.


Fact Checking the Palin/Biden debate – Palin was pretty straight – was Joe?


Top 20 Industry Money Recipients This Election Cycle – Who is in the back pocket of Wall Street?


Elite Media is avoiding talking about the candidates records.


Bill Clinton saysthat Obama is wrong about the mortgage crisis.


Biden’s “I Was Shot At” lie – Hillary Moment?


VIDEO: Wind Power vs. Storm – guess who wins.


Congressional Candidates speak out on the bailout– By the way did you know that our very own Congressman Joe Donnely sits on the committee that regulates Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac… nice job Joe….


CNN Video: Biden’s Pork and his bridge to nowhere. Ask yourself why it is you have not heard of this story.


Wanna see cool VIDEO of our members of Congress saying how what GREAT SHAPE Fannie Mae and Freddie mac are in???


VIDEO: Ok so Biden is lying about his support for clean coal technology. Biden said give it all to China. Why not Joe everything else is moving there…


George Obama lives in a 6×10 hut – so a Christian sets up a charity to help him out. He lives on $12 a year.


Alan Greenspan testified for Republicans and McCain’s bills to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – Democrats said that they knew better.


Obama’s pro-gun ad is a LIE. Don’t be fooled.


Palin Blasts Iran’s Nuclear Program & Treatment of Women.


Bush Administration Warned Congress Over 20 Times Reforms Were Needed in Mortgage Industry.


Why Are Former Fannie Mae CEO’s Not in Front of Congress Getting Grilled? issues double whammy agaionst Obama ads.


Is censorship becoming main stream on the left?


Todd Palin is the evil shadow governor!!^$#@$#@$#@!%^$ … because the media is sure a woman can’t do it…


The Wilkow Guide to Media Perception.


In Plain English: How Did The Biggest Financial Scandal in History Happen?


VIDEO: The Man Obama Wants to Chat With.


Happy Anniversary IUSB!


New York Times walks down smear memory lane!


Washington Post walks down smear memory lane!


Donald Trump on McCain and taxes.


VIDEO: Can taxing “the rich” actually cost YOU more?

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