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Palin’s Church Firebombed While People Inside?

Posted by iusbvision on December 14, 2008

This is what it looks like this morning. Authorities say that the fire started on the outside of the church and have stated that it is being treated as an arson.

Anchorage Daily News:

Firefighters were called to Wasilla Bible Church about 9:40 p.m. and found flames and smoke coming out windows at the back of the three-story structure, said James Steele, chief of the Central Mat-Su Fire Department.

Five women, and possibly a couple of children, were inside the church working on crafts, but everyone got out safely after a fire alarm alerted them to trouble, Steele said.

It was the biggest fire the department has seen this year, and Steele said as many as 35 to 40 volunteer firefighters came from across the region to battle the blaze.

“We are definitely treating it as suspicious and as potential arson at this point,” he said.

Of course after the number of churches that have been attacked by homosexual activists, and the number of GOP headquarters attacked in the past two presidential elections and with atheist and eco-whacko groups becoming more militant; a political motive would not be a surprise at all in this fire.  Hat Tip Hotair for the video link below:

Local TV News:

7 Responses to “Palin’s Church Firebombed While People Inside?”

  1. Angelo said

    When Obama made that pig/lipstick joke he effectively authorized attacking Palin. Palin only recounted a familiar contrast comparison between a pit bull and a ‘hockey mom’ and Obama used it as occasion to insult her character. One who initiates an unwarranted attack (even if it is only verbal) in a public setting shouldn’t be held blameless if further attacks are made. Especially if that individual is attempting to qualify for a leadership role and people are looking for guidance.

  2. Angelo said

    According to Obama it is a pig’s church.

  3. EnDolphin said

    Palin is a revolting disgusting sick woman who needs to be put behind bars ASAP. There’s a little thing called KARMA.

  4. Angelo said

    Dehumanizing someone is often the predecessor to abuse.

  5. Angelo said

    From my analysis of Mr. Barack Obama’s statements against Mrs. Sarah Palin I have deduced two things: a) Obama still has unresolved issues with his departed mother; and b) Obama is asking for help stopping his habitual dehumanization of intrauterine, ebryonic, and/or zygotal life.
    I came to the conclusion that Obama has issues with his departed mother because, in my opinion, he is attacking a woman (Palin) much like when a child curses the babysitter after mommy leaves.
    But because Obama’s classifications of life as ‘human’ or ‘non-human’ carry lethal legal weight I have also came to the conclusion that Obama is asking for help with his ‘habit’ before it is too late.
    I, Angelo Weitz, am here for you Mr. Barack Obama. I don’t want you to kill babies or authorize stem cell research if you really don’t want to. But I am not your mother; neither can I contact her for you. Let us consider now another of your quotes, “I will listen…even if we disagree.”

    [Of course, anyone who read Obama’s two memoirs can see that he has seperation issues and a bit of an identity problem. – Editor]

  6. Angelo said

    I understand that my views and opinions may not be shared, accepted and/or respected by all.
    I feel that it would be beneficial for the United States of America as well as for international relations if Barack H. Obama were to apologize to Sarah Palin for making fun of and dehumanizing her.
    Perhaps a personal apology has already been made but unless the populace witnesses the act it lacks corrective inspiration.

    I, Angelo Michael Weitz, do not represent Sarah Palin or Barack Obama. I am only expressing my concerns for the nation and providing insight for reflection.

  7. Angelo said

    Correction to reply #5

    phrase should include fetal:

    “…[fetal], intrauterine, ebryonic, and/or zygotal life.”

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