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Dr. Schweikart: US Textbooks are Full of Political Bias

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2008

This is a subject that will also be featured in my upcoming book. One reason I do not sell my text books back to the bookstore after each semester is because most have many examples of bias that are much more obvious than what Schweikart has explained here. In one poli sci textbook almost every reference to “Bush” was very negative and references to democrats were almost always positive. In another poli sci textbook I have I took all the photo’s of republicans and lined them up next to photo’s of democrats, the nature of the pictures of republicans is very negative and with bad looks on their faces. When the two sets of pictures are made side by side it becomes obvious.

Just always remember, that a great many professors pat each other on the back and tell each other how smart they are, after a while they start to believe it and stop challenging their own assumptions. The result is textbooks that are filled with the author’s opinions presented as academic truth. High school textbooks are bad but college ones are far worse; even to the point of many history books not giving Ronald Reagan credit for bringing the cold war to an end. Many of these books present Gorbachev as the great peacemaker, as someone who was there I know that is nonsense. The Soviets came to the table because Reagan was breaking them financially, diplomatically, militarily and spiritually; many former Soviet generals and KGB said so in interviews after the USSR collapsed.

Some would ask, “but how can they release textbooks with non-academic stuff that isn’t true” – to them I say don’t be so naive. Many professors are so ideological that they will not use books that do not contain such bias. Here at IUSB one professor was using Jimmy Carter’s book on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as a text for a class on the subject. Carter, whose bias against Israel and Jews is almost legendary, had to admit to several flaws in the book after it was published. I receive complaints from students about how biased against Israel some professors are. One professor I know, said that she could not be an anti-semite because she had Jewish friends, while at the same time parroting much of the same propaganda as those who want Jews dead.

I know it seems hard for a layman to believe, but just start spending some time on campus and it won’t take you long to see. There is a reason why the great writer William F. Buckley said that he would rather be governed by the first 2000 names in the phone-book than by the faculty of an ivy league university.

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