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VIDEO: Scarborough Condemns Media Elites for Selling out Professionalism to Leftist Propaganda

Posted by iusbvision on December 18, 2008

In this video MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough debates the panel about how biased the coverage has been. According to the Chicago Trib (who has been the ONLY media outlet to consistently report the ongoing corruption in the political machine) Obama played an important roll in Blagiojevich’s campaign in spite of the fact that he was awarding “minority only” contracts to white businesses that were close to him.

Imagine if  Sarah Palin had played a role in the recently convicted Senator Ted Stevens campaign, imagine the field day the elite media and the Democrats would have. With Obama  the silence is deafening [editor’s note –  Palin’s anti-corruption busting is what helped to bring Stevens down yet the media gives her no credit]. Where are the teams of reporters going through every document in a desperate effort to find any sort of connection or slimy innuendo like they did to Palin in Alaska? They had to talk about Rahm Emanuel because he is on the tape and that was a gimmie, but where is the real digging like they did on Palin to the point of being ridiculous?

When you look at some of the the biggest scumbags and crooks in 2008 who do many of them have in common:  Daley, Tony Rezco, Blagojevich, Reverend Wright, Farrakhan, Pfleger, Khalidi, Ayers, ACORN, bogus CRA lawsuits to get banks to issue more bad mortgages, Fannie Mae, Lehman Brothers etc.  In the last four years Obama got more donations from Fannie Mae and Lehman Brothers did than anyone, and during that four years, Obama took so much money, that he recieved more in donations than every politician over 20 years except one (see links HERE and HERE).

Palin was tied in by the elite media to separatist independent parties and any radical they could find just because her role as Governor brought her in contact with such people. For Palin, everyone she had ever known was investigated, every allegation by a political enemy was presented as fact; heck, the New York Times even had a reporter track down a person who had been in a car accident with Palin for dirt (see links HERE and HERE and HERE).

In contrast – for Obama, he sat in the pew for 20 years and never heard the preacher speak, had fundraisers in Ayers home and was hired by Ayers to serve on two foundations handing out millions and yet, Ayers was just a guy in the neighborhood and the press was fine with that. So while a dozen satellite trucks were in front of Joe the Plumber’s house and his life was went over with a fine toothed comb because he dared to ask Obama a tough question, the only reporter to go to Ayers home was a producer from The O’Reilly Factor.

Get em Joe: Scarborough – Maybe they were all in Wasilla instead of Investigating Blago/Obama. Reporters haven’t even bothered to look to see what Obama did for Blagojevich.

Newsbusters comments HERE, Hotair comments HERE.

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