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VIDEO: IUPUI vs. Keith John Sampson

Posted by iusbvision on December 22, 2008

IUPUI (Indiana University/ Purdue University at Indianapolis) tried to punish a student for reading a book that they keep in their very own campus library.

The video link is HERE.

This outstanding video gives a very short synopsis of the hell that IUPUI administrators put Keith John Sampson through.

The video does leave some points out though (for brevity I’m sure):

I. The investigation done by the IUSB Vision revealed that IUPUI did do an investigation ordered by Chancellor Bantz. IUPUI refuses to release the results of the investigation. This is a taxpayer funded state institution and they are bold faced in their view that they are unaccountable to anyone.  The investigation was done by an “outside investigator” named Barbara Mawhiney who has a history with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education herself. Mawhiney was the EO officer while the campus she oversaw had classes illegally restricted by race.

II. Lillian Charleston, who was Marguerite Watkins’ supervisor and was the director of the IUPUI affirmative action office,  who went along with what her office did to Keith John Sampson every step of the way, took this opportunity to retire.

III. When a few in the faculty stood up for Keith John Sampson and for academic freedom in a faculty council meeting, the Black Faculty and Staff Council used racial intimidation tactics to stop any resolutions or actions  to even do a simple review of the actions of the IUPUI AAO.

IV.  The public relations office at IUPUI was telling press outfits such as the Wall Street Journal that Sampson was guilty of other secret racial harassment that they could not elaborate on even to Sampson himself, which is a violation of IUPUI’s own rules and not to mention common decency. Eventually under pressure the PR office admitted that there was no secret harassment.

V. Kim Kirkland, who was hired to replace Lillian Charleston,  has a history of violating due process rights as well which got her previous employer, Bowling Green State University, sued and the actions she took against an employee were reversed and money was paid to Kirkland’s victim.

The IUSB Vision would like to thank The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Dr. Michael S. Adams from the University of North Carolina, Dorothy Rabinowitz from the Wall Street Journal, Keith John Sampson and others who wish to remain nameless all provided invaluable information or assistance in the IUSB Vision’s small part of this investigation.

Part 1 of our investigation is HERE and part 2 is HERE.

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Foreign Governments Lining Clinton’s Pockets

Posted by iusbvision on December 22, 2008

Ever wonder why Democrats block any attempts to expand domestic energy production in the United States? Well here are $46 Million reasons:

Saudis, Blackwater among Clinton foundation donors

Dec 18 02:12 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former President Bill Clinton laid out a list of big-ticket donors to his foundation Thursday that is heavy with foreign governments and business interests sure to have a stake in the policies that Hillary Rodham Clinton carries out as secretary of state.

Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments gave at least $46 million, while corporate donors included the Blackwater security firm that protects U.S. diplomats in Iraq.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave $10 million to $25 million to the foundation, and other government donors included Norway, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Italy and Jamaica. The Dutch national lottery gave $5 million to $10 million.

The Blackwater Training Center donated $10,001 to $25,000. The State Department will have to decide next year whether to renew Blackwater Worldwide’s contract to protect U.S. diplomats in Iraq.

New York Post:

Friends of Saudi Arabia, a government-sponsored agency that fosters ties between the kingdom and the United States, gave an additional $1 million to $5 million on top of the direct $10 million to $25 million from the kingdom itself.

And Saudi billionaires Sheik Mohammed H. al-Amoudi and Nasser al-Rashid donated in the $5 million-to-$10 million range. Hamza B. al Kholi, a Saudi construction titan, gave between $100,000 and $250,000.

The Persian Gulf governments of Kuwait, Qatar and Oman and the Far Eastern sultanate of Brunei each gave between $1 million and $5 million, and another $250,000 to $500,000 came from the US Islamic World Conference.

The United Arab Emirates-based Dubai Foundation, which aims to promote education in the Middle East, gave between $1 million to $5 million, as did the Zayed family, that country’s ruling family.

No conflict of interest there huh guys? Lets have foreign governments poring tens of millions of dollars into a fund that the future Sec. of State and her husband can spend. Is this change we can believe in or more of the same?

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Profiles in Stupid: Brighton Michigan

Posted by iusbvision on December 22, 2008

This little piece of legislation from the Brighton Michigan City Council is a one way ticket to an ACLU lawsuit they have no chance of winning, by banning “annoying speech”.


BRIGHTON, Mich. -Ticking someone off could get you a ticket in one Michigan city. The Brighton City Council on Thursday approved an ordinance allowing police in the Livingston County community to ticket and fine anyone who is annoying in public “by word of mouth, sign or motions.”

The Livingston County Daily Press & Argus of Howell reports the measure is modeled on a similar ordinance in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak.

A city attorney says there could be situations where the measure would violate freedom of speech, but that those cases will be reviewed by the city. The ban takes effect Jan. 2.

One might think that they have a city attorney who will tell them of what legal terrible things are coming their way. Not only will the city lose any such lawsuit, but since it is a Constitutional Rights violation the city will also be forced to pay court costs and the attorney’s fees of both sides. It is just a matter of time before the Michigan ACLU sends them a nasty-gram to get the process rolling. comments HERE.

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More Lies from the Elite Media: 60 Minutes and New York Times

Posted by iusbvision on December 22, 2008

CBS News’ 60 Minutes called Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank the smartest man in Congress. They forgot that in the House of Representatives there is not one man more responsible for the financial crisis we are in than one Barney Frank, who took money from the mortgage industry to look the other way and block all attempts at reforms.

Here is a video from our friebds at Black and Right:

Here is a video report that teklls how the Bush Administration and the Federal Reserve started pushing for mortgage industry reforms in 2001 and look who was blocking the attempts to do so – Barney Frank:

Indeed the Bush Administration had been pushing Congress to pass reforms in over 20 instances that are a part of the official record.

Well now the New York Times has published an article blaming President Bush for the mortgage crisis, completely ignoring the facts. The White House has issued a press release accusing the NYT of “gross negligence” and rightfully so.

Here is another video with more of the testimony on the mortgage industry and watch the Democrats en mass lie about what is happening with the mortgage industry:

What the NYT hopes that you will forget, is that all the way back in 1999, the NYT was saying the same thing the Bush Administration started to say and the NYT predicted that if things did not change the mortgage industry would fall apart – link HERE.

This is how bad the elite media has become so it is no wonder that their circulation keeps dropping. Did anyone else notice how newspapers are getting thinner and thinner? If you can’t trust it why pay for it?

A nice blogger published the NYT article HERE. I have decided that we will try to avoid linking to the NYT when we can, as traffic can increase their revenue.

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