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VIDEO: IUPUI vs. Keith John Sampson

Posted by iusbvision on December 22, 2008

IUPUI (Indiana University/ Purdue University at Indianapolis) tried to punish a student for reading a book that they keep in their very own campus library.

The video link is HERE.

This outstanding video gives a very short synopsis of the hell that IUPUI administrators put Keith John Sampson through.

The video does leave some points out though (for brevity I’m sure):

I. The investigation done by the IUSB Vision revealed that IUPUI did do an investigation ordered by Chancellor Bantz. IUPUI refuses to release the results of the investigation. This is a taxpayer funded state institution and they are bold faced in their view that they are unaccountable to anyone.  The investigation was done by an “outside investigator” named Barbara Mawhiney who has a history with the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education herself. Mawhiney was the EO officer while the campus she oversaw had classes illegally restricted by race.

II. Lillian Charleston, who was Marguerite Watkins’ supervisor and was the director of the IUPUI affirmative action office,  who went along with what her office did to Keith John Sampson every step of the way, took this opportunity to retire.

III. When a few in the faculty stood up for Keith John Sampson and for academic freedom in a faculty council meeting, the Black Faculty and Staff Council used racial intimidation tactics to stop any resolutions or actions  to even do a simple review of the actions of the IUPUI AAO.

IV.  The public relations office at IUPUI was telling press outfits such as the Wall Street Journal that Sampson was guilty of other secret racial harassment that they could not elaborate on even to Sampson himself, which is a violation of IUPUI’s own rules and not to mention common decency. Eventually under pressure the PR office admitted that there was no secret harassment.

V. Kim Kirkland, who was hired to replace Lillian Charleston,  has a history of violating due process rights as well which got her previous employer, Bowling Green State University, sued and the actions she took against an employee were reversed and money was paid to Kirkland’s victim.

The IUSB Vision would like to thank The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Dr. Michael S. Adams from the University of North Carolina, Dorothy Rabinowitz from the Wall Street Journal, Keith John Sampson and others who wish to remain nameless all provided invaluable information or assistance in the IUSB Vision’s small part of this investigation.

Part 1 of our investigation is HERE and part 2 is HERE.

3 Responses to “VIDEO: IUPUI vs. Keith John Sampson”

  1. If this can happen on the campus of an institution of higher learning, then one has to despair that ordinary citizems, people on the street, are capable of rational thought.
    John Sampson
    Namibia, Africa

  2. Keith John Sampson said

    “V. Kim Kirkland, who was hired to replace Lillian Charleston, has a history of violating due process rights as well which got her previous employer, Bowling Green State University, sued and the actions she took against an employee were reversed and money was paid to Kirkland’s victim.”

    One Prof. at IUPUI told me that he heard Kirkland was doing a “good job” and Dean Ward e-mailed me that, “there is a new director, and from what I can tell she is an excellent choice.”

    I realize that this is old news but from my vantage point I feel that IUPUI has performed a “Cover Up” that would have made both “Tricky Dick” Nixon and “Slick Willie” Clinton proud.

    They simply changed the name of the
    “Affirmative Action Office”to the “Office of Equal Opportunity.” They kept the same office space. Lillian Charleston was retiring anyhow and M. Watkins is still the number two person in charge. Watkins is free to lie and smear anyone she wants without being disciplined for telling out right Lies.

    And through a contact on campus, that I trust, I have learned that many janitors still believe that I somehow committed “racial harassment” by reading a public library history book. My gut instinct tell me that once I graduate I will have to seek employment in another state besides Indiana.

    At one time I thought IUPUI was the greatest but now I feel it is being led by shameful ignorants who have no concept of what the word “Liberty” really stands for.

    SHAME on Vinson, Watkins, Schneider, Bantz and all the cowardly IUPUI faculty members who pretended that nothing happened and refused to speak out publically.

    Keith John Sampson

    [Thanks for standing up for your human rights Keith. Doing so has helped to defend all of ours.

    In my experience, as someone who has had to fight as well, they may understand what “liberty” is, they simply have contempt for it. It is like Dr. Freiderich Hayak once said, “Some ‘intellectuals’ don’t get capitalism because they can’t deal with not having control.” This is why so many communists and other authoritarians are attracted to campus life. It is almost the only place people with such a cruel ideology can find “community”.

    – Editor]

  3. MCzwz said

    Our institutions of “higher” learning have been on a downward slide for many, many years. Unfortunately, not too many people have noticed, until now, when it may well be too late.

    The “leaders” of an unfortunate majority of these places have long taken it upon themselves not only to supposedly impart knowledge, but to also “form” knowledge, thought, mentality, and perspective for any who cross their stoops. Refusal to conform has been denigrated, shouted down, and, as seen in this instance, lied about.

    The behavior described in this amazing piece is examplary of the mentality that has grown thicker and thicker throughout the years … leaving behind the honesty first shown at Kent State, and even Harvard Square back in the early days of what has become the home of the “Thought Police” — our country’s universities and colleges.

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