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FRAUD: Minnesota Senate Race Being Stolen

Posted by iusbvision on December 23, 2008

The canvassing board in Minnesota is using clear and obvious double standards in judging ballots to help Al Franken get elected over Norm Coleman. The link below has the details with clear examples from actual ballots to show just how bad this is.

This is the level of dishonesty public officials will go to folks. I hope that Coleman files a lawsuit. I don’t like these things going to the courts, but this is such an injustice that it must be fought.

Dr. John Lott shows you this glaring injustice at this link.,3566,470892,00.html

The only commonality among these seemingly arbitrary decisions is that they benefit Franken.

Take that canvassing board to court Senator Coleman.

UPDATE – It gets better….. The Hill Magazine weigh’s in:

Election-recount officials in Minnesota have denied a request by Sen. Norm Coleman’s (R) legal team to reconsider 16 challenged ballots that went in Democrat Al Franken’s favor.

Coleman’s lawyers argued that the ballots were decided inconsistently, when compared with other similar ballots reviewed by the state canvassing board.

Officials were resistant to the Coleman team’s request to rehash rulings on challenged ballots that the board has already decided. After recessing briefly to pull the individual ballots and others with which to compare them, the board decided not to reconsider them.

The result is not official, as the state canvassing board still has to consider clerical challenges to its current totals.

Coleman’s campaign has also alleged that 34 withdrawn challenges considered by the board were improperly allocated.

One Response to “FRAUD: Minnesota Senate Race Being Stolen”

  1. Minnesota is proud of its fair very open election process. All of the points made in the FOX article have been debunked in many other articles including mine here:


    I read your article and you did not debunk anything. You merely proclaimed your rightness on your “progressive review” site and pointed to another fellow on a similar site that declared his correctness.

    Also, the article was not written by Fox News, it was written by Dr. John Lott who is a respected academic, author, teacher, ecomomist and statistician. Fox merely published Dr. Lott’s article. Much like Fox and CNN often publish stuff from the AP.

    With all due respect, a couple of partisan bloggers proclaiming their rightness is not very compelling evidence especially considering that your article is not really backed up by much fact that is varifiable. – Editor]

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