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Internet Overtakes Newspapers As News Source

Posted by iusbvision on December 26, 2008

internet-news-beats-newspapersFor the first time the internet is beating newspapers as a news source according to the Pew Research Center.

This comes as no surprise to the IUSB Vision. Editor & Publisher has been telling us that newspaper circulation has been going down for years. Rasmussen, Pew Research and the Media Research Center have published polls year after year showing that the credibility of most newspapers has been falling. The public is becoming more and more aware that what they read in newspapers from the Associated Press and Reuters print news services often just isn’t the truth.

Dow Jones, the Star Tribune and other newspapers are dropping their contracts to carry the Associated Press and who can blame them?

We have published a great many stories on media bias here at the Vision; one of the latest involving the AP is when they were spinning for the Obama campaign and calling Sarah Palin a racist. Even the far left MSNBC went after the AP for that story (video HERE). There are more examples of this kind of bias than we have room to publish. We recently told you how the New York Times revenue is down 20% and be sure not to miss our story on the awards for the worst examples of elite media bias from the Media Research Center.

In other good news, television news viewership is suffering the same problems as the newspaper industry. Hopefully in a few years internet news sources like NRO, Hotair, Newsmax, Politico, Townhall and American Thinker will surpass television as well.

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