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Israel Strikes Back After Scores Of Attacks from Gaza – World Shows Idiotic Double Standard – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on December 27, 2008

Today Condi Rice over at the State Department called for a cease fire in the Gaza Strip. Hey Condi, where was your call for cease fire when Hamas was firing dozens of rockets at Israeli civilians? It would be easy to just chalk up the worlds glaring double standard when it comes to warfare to antisemitism, but after examining this issue for years, and examining how so many governments have one standard for Jews and another for everyone else, I believe that antisemitism is exactly what it is.

What would the United States do, if year after year, with some support from the Mexican government, they launched rockets and terror attacks against the United States and its civilians along the border? I will tell you what we would do, we would either conquer it and make it the 51st state, or we would occupy it and place a puppet government in Mexico City.

Yet the world has encouraged limiting the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to “tit for tat” warfare.  History shows that such warfare never leads to peace, it has just lead to generations of hate and deaths that do not need to happen. What the Israeli/Palestinian conflict needs is a clear and decisive winner and that winner should be Isarel. The Palestinians have been able to come up with what is only one corrupt and terror supporting government after another.

It is time for the Isareli/Palestinian conflict to come to and end for good. Then and only then, will the killing stop and there can be peace.

Update: IDF still sending humanitarian shipments to Gaza:

Update: IAF takes out Underground Missile Launch Site in Residential Area – Missile at site misfires after attack:

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