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Democrats Throwing Government Into Constitutional Crisis Over Willingness to Violate Due Process – UPDATED!

Posted by iusbvision on December 30, 2008

The coverage of the Rod Blegojevich scandal at the IUSB Vision has been more fair, informative and educational than any other coverage we have seen.

We told you the evidence against Blagojevich and we have also told you how the Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is engaging in prosecutorial misconduct and is using the media to manipulate the jury pool in a way that is highly unethical. The Democrats, not wanting to take on Fitzgerald because he have them the Valerie Plame nonscandal to use against Republicans, and wanting to make sure that the investigation was cut short so as not to include other Democrats; have begun an active campaign to deny Governor Blagojevich his due process rights, including starting impeachment hearings against him while refusing to allow him the witnesses he needs for his defense. (See links HERE, HERE,  HERE and HERE).

The latest act of abandoning the time-honored right of innocent until proved guilty, the Democrat leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, says that he will not allow Roland Burris,whom Governor Blagojevich has nominated to replace Senator Obama in the Senate, to sit. Such an act is a blatant violation of the law.

The Constitution says that as long as a person is a citizen of the United States, a resident of the state that he represents and is over the age of 30 they may serve in the Senate. No other standards may be used to keep a person out of the Senate. Blagojevbich is the Governor and he is innocent until proved guilty and he is well within his powers to appoint Burris to the seat. Period.

These Democrats are the same people who said that Bush was violating Al-Qeada’s due process rights by holding them at GITMO (which was a lie) and now they feel free, because it is politically expedient, to trample the due process rights of Governor Blagojevich even if it means violating the written word of the Constitution to do so.

These same Democrats, who said that you are a racist if you judge Barack Obama by his close associations with radicals and criminals such as Tony Rezko, William Ayers, Rev. Wright, Minister Farrakhan, Pfleger, Khalidi and the list goes on and on are saying that Roland Burris, who has had a long political career in Illinois politics is not allowed to sit in the Senate because he is a Blagojevich ally. Talk about your guilt by association hypocrisy.

These same Democrats who claimed that Republicans would use the race card against Obama in the election (and didn’t by the way) are now using the race card as a blunt weapon. See the video below (thanks to for posting the video):

Update: Nope… no race card here…. (Hat Tip Allahpundit for the video link)

One Response to “Democrats Throwing Government Into Constitutional Crisis Over Willingness to Violate Due Process – UPDATED!”

  1. tomadan said

    Agree, agree, agree. See my own posts on this subject!

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