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Youtube Showing Anti-Semitic Bias Again – Censoring the New IDF Channel

Posted by iusbvision on December 30, 2008

Thats right I said again…

Via the great Michelle Malkin:

Color me unsurprised: Bob Owens notes that YouTube is censoring content on the Israeli Defense Forces video channel.

YouTube didn’t earn the AllahTube and DhimmiTube nicknames for nothing!

3 Responses to “Youtube Showing Anti-Semitic Bias Again – Censoring the New IDF Channel”

  1. Moses said

    Hmm , seems like a good idea , since war criminals broadcast their massacre . Civilians being killed and viewed on networks is censored on the idea that this is indeed a war crime , similar to the ’82 Sabra and Shateela Massacre , which Mr Sharon is indirectly responsible . Only difference is , Israel is now DIRECTLY responsible for the vast number of civilians killed and injured .

    For the love of God ( if he/she exists ) , dont label some action with an “Anti Semitic ” label , since I did not know that war crimes , or murder , is a virtue in Judaism . This massacre is devoid of religion , just simply mass extermination .

    [Reality Check – if Israel just wanted to slaughter the Palestinians, they would have been dead decades ago. Here is a novel idea, how about the Palestinians stop sending rockets into Israel and then Israel wont have to bomb their missile sites. – Editor]

  2. Moses said

    and another thing also , the Israeli government simply CONTROLS the media access anyway , such as banning journalists from entering the Gaza Strip , and Choosing to show only damages done to the settlers . Your argument is indeed hypocritical , since the Israeli government does the same . We could just call it “Anti-Truth” , or “Anti-Access-to-The Truth” .

    [And here we go with the “jews control the world” conspiracy theory. You come here and say that we should not label their hypocrisy with the “Anti-Semite” label, and now we see that you have outed yourself as one. – Editor]

  3. Moses said

    As of regarding the rockets , better find out the reason why they keep sending in rockets instead of acting like “justified” murderers . How about by starting a comparison of the casualties of all these “conflicts” that occured , the latest one being 13 to 1300 . You do the math . Also , they are sending rockets to israel due to the fact that theres a siege on palastenian territory , if a trading of places was to happen and it was the other way around ,( israel being seiged by people who restrict the rights , mobility , economy and soverignity of the palastenian people who have as much right to be on the same land , I imagine Israel’s reponse would not be idle as you expect from them . The solution is giving the palastenian people same political right as any other citizen in the country , and holding elections free from racism and prejudice . Things would be very much different now would it not ?

    [You dare call yourself Moses…..

    So lets answer your propaganda one deception at a time.

    Why do “they” keep sending rockets into Israel?

    Maybe it is because of the brainwashing that the people get from their corrupt governmemnts such as this video from Fatah TV. –

    Ok lets tackle the “comparison of casualties” argument:

    The entire “proportional response” argument implies the following narrative:

    Israel should count the number of rockets and mortars shot against them and fire the exact same number back, that way it is “fair” and “proportional”.

    Do you now see how foolish such a position is? If Mexico had launched 10 rockets a week against the United States and one of those killed your family, would you demand that the United States fire 10 rockets back and stop?

    Or would you demand that your government provide some security and see to it that Mexico could never launch a rocket again?

    The real question is; how can anyone apply such a preposterous argument against Israel and not expect to get pegged as an antisemite?

    A siege on Palestinian territory??

    Gaza for example used to belong to Egypt. But perhaps you heard about a little thing called the 6 day war, where several islamic countries attacked Israel at once? Their aggression failed and they lost land fair and square to maintain Israel’s security which is in line with historical rules of war. The Germans and Japanese are still not completly soveriegn after their aggression and the people with your point of view are still aggressive. Funny how you left that little part out. Egypt has made it clear that they do not want Gaza back.

    If the Palestinians wanted their own state they have had many opportunities to have one.

    Citizens of Israel, including many Arabs who are Israeli citizens, have full voting rights and so do women. Would you like to chat about women’s rights under the PLO, Fatah and Hamas??

    Hamas admits to using civilians as human shields. Video here –

    The next video shows Hamas slaughtering a Palestinian wedding party for the crime of singing –

    nice try, but you picked the wrong web site to post your propaganda on. – Editor]

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