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Obama Did Right by Israel (this time) and Deserves Credit

Posted by iusbvision on January 5, 2009

It is no secret that this site has been critical of Barack Obama and has cataloged scores of lies and reversals by him and his campaign. In this case though Obama deserves credit for doing the right thing and keeping his campaign promise by sticking by Israel.

Many articles are appearing in the elite media criticizing Obama for not speaking out on the recent military activity in Israel and Gaza. The criticism is wrong headed and unfair.

First, Obama is not the president yet, it would in inappropriate for him to stick his nose into foreign policy. He knows that Bush is the president until January 20 and is showing respect for the law in keeping quiet.

Second, Obama ran on a platform of “change” and while his economic policies are a Hoover/Carter retread that will likely lead to a bigger economic mess than we are in now, on Israel Obama’s silence IS change. Remember history, the terrorists in Gaza launch rockets and mortars and kill Jews at any opportunity for months on end, the world says nothing and as soon is Israel responds to defend itself and stop the death of its citizens the world calls for “cease fire” and “peace” this ensuring that Hamas/Hezbollah are not sufficiently dealt with so they can start the cycle of violence all over again. This has been the pattern for as long as I can remember. Obama is bucking that pattern.

Obama is doing the right thing and deserves the proper credit.

Click HERE for our Israel coverage and be sure to read Prof. Dershowitz’ article.

UPDATE: The US has blocked a resolution in the UN calling for a cease fire because it had no language condemning Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli’s. This is typical of the double standard the UN has used against Israel in the last 25 years.

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