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Jonah Goldberg: Who are the real Nazi’s?

Posted by iusbvision on January 6, 2009


The Fort Lauderdale outburst is just one window on the upside-down world of Israel hatred. Across the Islamic world, and in too many points West, it is still considered a penetrating and poignant insight to call Zionists the “new Nazis.” For instance, in Sunday’s Gulf News, Mohammad Abdullah al Mutawa, a sociology professor at United Arab Emirates University, penned an essay titled “Zionists are the new Nazis.” He began: “Today, the whole world stands as a witness to the fact that the Nazi Holocaust was a mere lie, which was devised by the Zionists to blackmail humanity.”

At a Saturday New York protest against Israel’s military assault on Gaza, some carried signs that read: “Israel: The Fourth Reich”; “Holocaust by Holocaust Survivors”; “Stop Israel’s Holocaust”; “Holocaust in Gaza”; and “Stop the Zionist Genocide in Gaza.”

Type “Israel” and “Nazi” into any news search engine and you’ll be rewarded, or punished, with a bounty of such statements just over the last week or so. Gaza is the new Auschwitz, the Israeli Defense Forces are SS troops … I find myself tempted to simply write “et cetera” because it’s all so familiar by now. But to do that is to dismiss, and therefore accept, such grotesqueries as trivialities, when in fact such charges are deeply revealing — just not about Israel.

First, let us note that if supposedly all-powerful Israel is dedicated to exterminating the Palestinian people, it is doing a very bad job. The Palestinian population has only grown since 1948. There are more Arab citizens living in Israel proper today than there were in all of Palestine the year Israel was founded.

Perhaps one reason Israel fails at genocide is that it isn’t interested in genocide? That would explain why Israel warned thousands of Gazans by cellphone to leave homes near Hamas rocket stockpiles. It would clarify why, even amid all-out war, it offers aid to enemy civilians. It would even illuminate the otherwise mysterious clamor from Israelis for a viable “peace partner.”

But no. For millions of Israel haters, the more plausible explanation is that the “defiant” Palestinians have miraculously survived Israel’s determination to wipe them out.

Meanwhile, calls for the complete extermination of Israel are routine.

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Profiles in Stupid: NBC Bans Ann Coulter – “We are just not interested in anyone so highly critical of President-elect Obama”

Posted by iusbvision on January 6, 2009

Problem: Ann’s book doesn’t have much to say about Obama. – Nope …no leftist bias at NBC right???


Via Matt Drudge:

Banned for life!

“We are just not going to have her on any more, it’s over,” a top network source explains.

NBC’s TODAY show abruptly cut Ann Coulter from its planned Tuesday broadcast, claiming the schedule was overbooked.

Coulter was set to unveil her new book, GUILTY.

But one network insider claims it was the book’s theme — a brutal examination of liberal bias in the new era — that got executives to dis-invite the controversialist.

“We are just not interested in anyone so highly critical of President-elect Obama, right now,” a TODAY insider reveals. “It’s such a downer. It’s just not the time, and it’s not what our audience wants, either.”

For the book, Coulter reportedly received the most-lucrative advance ever paid to a conservative author.

The TODAY show eagerly invited the author months ago, for her first network interview on GUILTY.

The exclusive was to air during the show’s 7 AM hour. The cut came Monday afternoon.

MSNBC cancelled her interview too, all this on the day her best selling book is set to release. NBC replaced Coulter with leftist talk host Rachel Maddow.

Talk about a gift from God, now Ann can say that the lefties at NBC are out to censor her and the booking was a sham to keep other shows from booking her on the day of her book release….and she would be right.

HERE is audio from the John Gibson show with Ann’s reaction.

CBS News, understanding that Ann Coulter is a ratings bonanza (even though they hate her too), rushed to book her this morning. Here is Ann intellectually toying with the small minded journalist who was stupid enough to try and engage her with the typical ignorant far left elitist attitude that Ann is a master of destroying:

It has been my experience that elite media journalists, as a demographic, are among the most uninformed people in America. They have certainly demonstrated weaker critical thinking and comprehension skills when it comes to any subjects that brings them into cognitive dissonance and in this interview it really shows. 

I particularly like the part where Ann starts pounding the idiot journalist with fact after fact about leftist violence and when he realized he is getting taken apart he starts talking over her by repeatedly saying “take a breath take a breath”  – check out the video to see Ann take on that tactic as well.

UPDATE: NBC CAVES – Invites Coulter Back. So it looks like Matt Lauer is going to get his butt kicked by Ann again tomarrow.

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Constitutional Crisis: All White Democrats Block Only Black Senator from Swearing In

Posted by iusbvision on January 6, 2009

We first talked about the legal implications HERE and now the Democratic leadership has pulled the trigger and violated the law to prevent the only black US Senator, Roland Burris, from taking his seat. Their excuse is that they don’t like the Governor that legally appointed him.

The problem, every law book in the country says that Burris is legally entitled to the Senate seat. There is no exception in the law books that says “in case you don’t like the governor that appointed him”. So it’s off to the courts where Burris will win unless the judge is a total hack or a bigot and forces Burris to appeal. The law in this case is a slam dunk and everyone who knows the law understands this.

There are only 3 circumstances in which the Senate can refuse to seat a member.

1. If he is under age 30, not a citizen or does not reside in the state he represents.

2. Is a convicted felon.

3. If an election takes place and the election to select the winner was a demonstrable sham.

That’s it. Ironically the third reason is what stopped Al Franken from swearing in today, because in the “recount” they “found” so many extra votes for Franken that several precincts had more votes for Franken that the said precinct had registered voters.

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