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Constitutional Crisis: All White Democrats Block Only Black Senator from Swearing In

Posted by iusbvision on January 6, 2009

We first talked about the legal implications HERE and now the Democratic leadership has pulled the trigger and violated the law to prevent the only black US Senator, Roland Burris, from taking his seat. Their excuse is that they don’t like the Governor that legally appointed him.

The problem, every law book in the country says that Burris is legally entitled to the Senate seat. There is no exception in the law books that says “in case you don’t like the governor that appointed him”. So it’s off to the courts where Burris will win unless the judge is a total hack or a bigot and forces Burris to appeal. The law in this case is a slam dunk and everyone who knows the law understands this.

There are only 3 circumstances in which the Senate can refuse to seat a member.

1. If he is under age 30, not a citizen or does not reside in the state he represents.

2. Is a convicted felon.

3. If an election takes place and the election to select the winner was a demonstrable sham.

That’s it. Ironically the third reason is what stopped Al Franken from swearing in today, because in the “recount” they “found” so many extra votes for Franken that several precincts had more votes for Franken that the said precinct had registered voters.

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