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PBS Anchor: “We all work for Barack Obama…We have to help make him a great President”

Posted by iusbvision on January 9, 2009

Your tax dollars pay for PBS folks and he is open that it is being used for partisan purposes.

Tavis Smiley:

Ed Morrissey from reads my mind:

Well, one rarely sees the bias of the mainstream media laid out so baldly.  Journalists like to claim that they exist to shine a light on the halls of power, to stop abuses and to expose malfeasance regardless of which party controls Washington DC.  Smiley, who works as a journalist, sees his job instead as nothing more than a PR flack for power, a cog in what could become a propaganda machine to sell Obama’s “greatness” regardless, apparently, of what Obama actually does as President.

I guess we can chalk up PBS as another unabashed mouthpiece for Obama, right along with MS-NBC.  Perhaps we’ll get more admissions of the obvious from other media organizations before the inauguration as well.

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