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VIDEO: Police Shoot Handcuffed Man on the Ground

Posted by iusbvision on January 9, 2009

Police and prosecutor misconduct is a problem that seems to be getting worse and worse.

We have told you about prosecutorail misconduct by US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in the Blagoyevich and Libby prosecutions. We told you about how FBI and prosecutor misconduct in the case of Senator Ted Stevens may result in an appeal or Stevens may walk. While we haven’t covered the story, the prosecutors in the Caylee Anthony case are doing everything they can to prevent fair discovery by the defense, which is a violation of the accused Constitutional right to a fair trial.

We told you how an Alaska State Trooper, who had threatened the life of Governor Palin’s family and who even threatened Palin’s daughter at a high school football game and used a taser gun on Palin’s nephew, was being protected by the state police and they refused to even conduct a proper investigation. We told you how Denver Police arrested an ABC News reporter for filming a newsworthy event from a public sidewalk. We also showed you a case of unprovoked police brutality in New York.

This is a symptom of a society that does not know how to think logically and ethically. A society that no longer practices the self restraint that is a reflection of the Christian philosophy that made this country the greatest on earth.

Now we have come to this…

The man who was shot is Oscar Grant. We have video from two angles. If you slow down the tape you can see that grant was face down, handcuffed and another officer had his knee on the back of Grant’s neck when he was shot. Grant was fatally wounded and killed. The police aren’t talking. If I was a police officer on the scene I would have arrested the officer who pulled that trigger on the spot.

Warning – the videos show Grant being shot.

And this…

A Chicago Police Officer strip searched minor children in a school. Strip searching minors is not allowed. The parents were not even notified. It also took almost a year before the family would find a lawyer to accept the case, which reminds me of another problem I have seen more and more of, and that is attorney’s who are unwilling to take on bureaucracies on behalf of clients who are not wealthy.

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