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How Media Bias Works: The John Ziegler Interview

Posted by iusbvision on January 10, 2009

Here is the treatment that documentary film maker John Ziegler received from MSNBC in his interview. Is this a professional interview or an attempt at a smear job?

If only I could be John Ziegler’s communications director. Ziegler handled himself pretty well in this outrageous interview, but there are a few things one can do and say to help combat these typical tactics of the elite media.

Lets deconstruct these interviews.

Round I:

In this interview MSNBC mischaracterizes Governor Palin’s recent press release. Palin was not criticizing Ziegler at all, she was criticizing media outlets for mischaracterizing what is in it we showed you HERE.

Look at how the MSNBC host compares what is obviously Ziegler’s comments about character assassination and draws a ridiculous analogy with real assassination to attack Ziegler. This rhetorical tactic is called demagoguery.

In the interview the MSNBC anchor says that “Palin is clearly unqualified” to be vice president. So let’s take a look at the record shall we?

IUSB Vision went deep into the public records to get the record of Sarah Palin as mayor and governor. We also talked about what the elite media said about far less experienced candidates for VP such as Geraldine Ferraro and John Edwards. They were Democrats so naturally they were treated much different link (HERE):

Palin runs a commercial fishing business, was a councilman and a mayor. As a councilman she helped to found her city police department and as mayor Palin oversaw tremendous growth in Wasilla as it became the cross roads of what is likely the two busyest highways in Alaska. So important did Wasilla become as the virtual crossroads of Alaska that a referendum to make Wasilla the capital of Alaska was only narrowly defeated. Palin easily won re-election as mayor.

After her terms as mayor Palin served on government commissions, brought down a corruption ring that had a stranglehold on the state and ended the political careers of many who put self over service. Palin beat an incumbent GOP governor in a primary and a popular former two term Democratic governor in the general election. Palin, while fighting both parties and their machines, got ethics reforms passed, overhauled the tax system so energy companies could no longer game the system, returned money to the taxpayers and achieved the largest state infrastructure improvement in American history, a 40 billion dollar pipeline that was languishing in state government for decades. Palin cut the Alaska budget by 10% and cut her own Governor’s expenses by 80% compared to the previous governor.

Palin held elective office for 5 years before Obama ran for anything and as mayor and governor was not afforded the option to vote “present” 130 times. I see lots of bloggers and journalists drawing an equivalency between Obama’s experience and Palin’s. When the truth is told there is no equivalency.

The most corrupt states in the union a few years ago were:

New Jersey

It is because of Sarah Palin that Alaska is off that list and Louisiana is making big progress toward change thanks to Governor Jindal. Barack Obama comes from what is now the second most corrupt political machine in the country, the Democrat/Daley machine in Illinois. What has Barack Obama done about it? Obama was a leader in the campaign for Blagojevich in Illinois. Look at the corruption and taxpayer crookery that has gone on with groups such as ACORN that Obama has worked with for years. What has he done about it?

Here is former Clinton Chief Political Strategist Dick Morris, who is also the author of the huge best seller FLEECED, talking about Sarah Palin’s experience as governor, a reformer and corruption fighter:

Did the media tell you these other highlights of Palin’s record:

Alaska invested $5 billion in state savings, overhauled education funding, and implemented the Senior Benefits Program that provides support for low-income older Alaskans.

Created Alaska’s Petroleum Systems Integrity Office

Created Climate Change Subcabinet for Alaska.

Overhauled the state’s ethics laws

Developed a competitive process to construct a gas pipeline [which languished for decades and is the largest state financed infrastructure project in US History].

Chaired the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission.

Chaired the National Governor’s Association (NGA) Natural Resources Committee,

Served two terms on the City Council and two terms as the mayor/manager of Wasilla.

Chaired the Alaska Conservation Commission.

Presided over the Alaska Conference of Mayors.

Any cursory examination of Palin’s record that is in any way serious shows that she is more qualified to be president than most others who have sought high office. The facts show that Ferraro, Edwards and Obama had no significant accomplishments in office before they ran for high office. Obama voted “present” 133 times as a state senator and had no significant legislation in the US Senate.

Here is former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on Palin’s Record:

Here is Major General Craig E. Campbell on Sarah Palin. General Campbell is a career military officer and did not have to talk to Greta or do any interviews at all.

Now Let us Examine what the MSNBC host did in the second interview. You can see that once again he tried to mischaracterize the parts of the Palin interview that have already been released.

Round II:

The tactic here is to play a numbers game with Ziegler. The MSNBC anchor gives Ziegler a list of “Republicans” who say that Plain isn’t qualified. The names he listed off are mostly those who are considered the northeastern “blue-blood”  Rockefeller Republicans who have fallen into disfavor with the party. Class-ism is a problem that shows its ugly head in both parties. It is important to point out that there are people in every election and in both political parties who say that a candidate is not qualified. comments, “A nice point scored by Ziegler halfway through about the incentives big media creates for Republicans to bash Palin.”

Democratic Governor Zell Miller and other hawkish Democrats said that John Kerry was not fit to be commander in chief. This video is a must see:

Look at all of the Democrats who said that Obama ws not ready to be president. In includes, Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Edwards…. well just look at these videos:

In 2004 Obama said himself that he is not ready to for national office in 2008 because people should know what they are doing. You wont see this on MS-NBC:

So let’s get this straight, there are always people in both parties who fall off the partisam bandwagon in every election.

The other numbers game that the MSNBC anchor plays with Ziegler is that “According to a poll 49% of the people polled said that Palin was not qualified to be president so can all those people be wrong?” Of course the obvious inverse is also true, about half the country voted for Palin and must think she is qualified as evidenced by their vote so can all those people be wrong?

Zeigler has stated up front that he is a fan of Palin because of her record as governor, which is reasonable because any honest examination of her service as Mayor and Governor shows that her service has been rather extraordinary. The result has been 80% approval rating in her home state. MSNBC on the other hand, claims to be straight down the middle. Who do you trust is telling you the truth?

To wrap up – why was Sarah Palin so vague with Couric in the interview? Video: It is important to point out, that the media and the Obama campaign objected to Palin saying that Obama wants trillion dollar spending programs. If you have been watching the news over the lats few days, that is exactly what Obama has proposed. Palin was right. humorously asks, “Remember When Deficit Spending was Evil?”

In other interviews Palin answered all of the questions about the Supreme Court etc. The video is HERE, HERE, and HERE. MSNBC said that she never answered these questions. Well now you have the proof otherwise.

3 Responses to “How Media Bias Works: The John Ziegler Interview”

  1. sauer kraut said

    Oh, yeah. Love that media bias.

    Ever take a look at ALL the things about Sarah Palin which the media did not, and does not cover? Let’s just look at the current food and fuel crisis on the Yukon Peninsula. Why isn’t the media outside Alaska covering that mess?

    Oh, that’s right. Kid gloves for Palin.

    [According to studies that we have linked to, in the 6 weeks before the election the networks aired 37 negative stories about Palin and 2 positive ones. The Pew and the other serious research outfits who have examined this issue have published similar results. If you believe that the press treated her with kid gloves than you have taken radical partisanship to the level of mental illness. I know who you are and I have seen your work. You have little substance and peddle the kind of hate mongering that people like me write about to show just how far some have fallen. Hate mongers are a dime a dozen so it is no surprise that your site has enjoyed such little traffic.

    I just searched the Anchorage Daily News site with the term “food shortage” and no stories addressed anything recent. With that said it did give me articles about food shortages in some of the isolated parts of Alaska in history. Many parts of Alaska are not accessible by roads and the distance combined with harsh geography and weather make for monumental logistical problems. Those problems exist no matter who has been the governor, but leave it you you to turn an obvious logistical problem into a partisan attack. – Editor]

  2. […] the garbage you read in the mainstream media or see on TV and look past that to find the real Sarah Palin. Don’t even listen to Charles […]

  3. […] the garbage you read in the mainstream media or see on TV and look past that to find the real Sarah Palin. Don’t even listen to Charles […]

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