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National Climatic Data Center: Cooling in Last 10 Years

Posted by iusbvision on January 10, 2009

Yet ANOTHER dataset showing the cooling of the last 10 years.


NCDC now has December 2008 in the database. Annual North American temperature since 1998 (11 years of data) is falling over the period at a rate of 0.78(F)/decade or 7.8(F)per century. At this rate we will be in an ice age within 5 decades. If you can get the graphic, the heavy black line is the average over the century 1901 to 2000.

This data set is a collection of this continent only, but it shows the same cooling trend that other global data sets have shown. Since 1998 the Earth is cooling and it happens to coincide with a similar period of unusually low solar activity.

Of course we realize that to many people, including many radicalized professors, global warming alarmism is almost  like a religion. No data set or series of data sets is going to put a dent in those people. Fortunately there are still plenty of people who are not zealots who can appreciate the information.  Thanks to the famed WUWT Blog for the heads up.

4 Responses to “National Climatic Data Center: Cooling in Last 10 Years”

  1. Adam said

    I love how all these “temperature falling” graphs, for some very odd reason, always use 1998 as a starting point. I wonder why…

    Climate is usually considered to be a span of thirty years, not the odd 11 year number that some people tend to keep using.

    [It is not odd if you actually read the data. – Editor]

  2. Christos said

    It will be better to see the larger picture

    [Indeed, and here is even a larger picture than that – do a Google search on “how not to measure temperature”.

    You will see that NOAA has placed temperature sensors in parking lots, next to heat vents etc etc etc to manipulate the data. It has also been revealed thet NOAA was ignoring data from certain ground censors that didn’t show what they wanted them to see.

    It is also well known that many ocean temperature readings were taken from the intake manifolds of ships using water to cool their engines…. hello?

    Besides, the AGW theory is that the greenhouse effect is trapping heat, so tell me why do satellite and weather balloon data show no such increase in warming as the “models” say there should be?

    On this very web site we have posted articles from the now known climate fraud scientists and activists trashing people like Dr. Christy for using balloons and satellite data. – Editor]

  3. AB said

    1998 was the warmist year of the last 700 years but not the last 1000, or 14,000 years (see alley 2002 Greenland ice core data).
    Total rise in co2 114ppm since 1850, total rise since 1995 35 ppm total rise in temps zero.
    Total rise of co2 during (500,000 years) the last five ice age swings 100 ppm — average swing in temps 12 to 15 degrees Celsius…

    [AB, this is according to one data set, there are other data sets that stand in conflict with it. Of course this is compounded by the problem that there are a number of “climate scientists” simply lying about the data sets to indicate warming when there is none. The CRU climate scientists agreed in their emails to each other that if they ever got discovered and their original data sets were subpoenaed or FOIA’d they would destroy the data first and that is exactly what they did. – Editor]

  4. Julianne said

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