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Anchorage Daily News Pushing Debunked Fake Palin Pregnancy Story Again: Threatens her Doctor with Bad Coverage if he Refuses to Violate Patient Doctor Confidentiality

Posted by iusbvision on January 12, 2009

Gov. Palin’s Press Spokesperson Bill McAllister went on the Eddie Burke Radio Show on 1/09/09 to discuss media bias and the “Trig Truther” conspiracy theorists at the Anchorage Daily News.

As we have reported many times before the Anchorage Daily News has not upheld professional standards in its coverage of Governor Palin to put it mildly. In the elite media this is nothing new. The stuff written by Dan Fagen and Andrew Helcro in the ADN has just been one hatchet job after another.

When Palin’s office said something about this bad coverage and silly accusations they accused Palin of whining and if her office doesn’t respond the false coverage runs crazy and people will start to believe it unless something is done.

Remember this, if your Republican even distant relatives are fair game, if a rogue cop threatens your family, uses a taser on your nephew, follows your daughter to a football game to threaten her its your fault. Report it every time one of the Bush twins has a beer. Hands off Chealsea Clinton and Michelle Obama by the way.

On the flip side….

Just for the record Obama’s enjoys his millions while his aunt was here illegally and living in a rundown tenament in Boston, and his brother was living in a shack with an income if a few dollars a year.

Joe Biden’s son and brother are in serious legal trouble which has gone almost totally ignored and while hundreds of so called “reporters” were parachuted into Alaska in  a race to report every allegation made by a political enemy as a fact, in Illinois Rezko, Blagojevich, Daley and the rest of them were engaging in some of the worst crookery that is only now starting to come out…and not because any reporters cared to look for this corruption, but Patrick Fitzgerald had to make this case into a media circus in his latest bid to promote himself.

So the candidate who lost still gets more so called investigative attention than the guy who won and will soon take office – nope no slant there…

As a kicker remember the “bridge to no where” that the media never gave Palin credit for stopping. Only Fox and CNN even mentioned Biden’s pork bridges to no where.

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