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Palin Hosts Massive International Diplomatic Delegation for Alaska 50 Celebration

Posted by iusbvision on January 12, 2009

Not enough foreign policy experience they said??

[Editor’s Note – Obama’s foreign policy experience was chairing a small foreign policy subcommittee that he never once brought together for even a single hearing. That’s what happens when you get elected and start running for president right away.]

Sarah Palin hosted Alaska’s 50th Anniverary event and look who came to hang out with the Governor:

Russian Deputy Foriegn Minister Sergei Kislyak and diplomatic delegations from Hungary, England, Canada, Japan, Finland, Poland, China, Korea, Norway, Mexico, and the Philippines.

This is very smart. Palin is a world wide celebrity public figure now and you can bet that she will be making the very most of it. Expect to see foreign ambassadors talking her up in the next few years which will totally take the foreign policy street cred issue off the table.

In the video Palin addresses each delegation.

Update: Here is a Photo of the Delagation:


Diplomatic Celebration:

The Governor welcomed diplomats who joined her to celebrate Alaska Statehood Day on January 3, 2009. Representatives from several Asian and European countries, including the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States, H.E. Sergei Kislyak, accepted Governor Palin’s invitation to participate in weekend celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of Alaska being admitted to the Union. (First row, l to r) Consul General of New Zealand, John Mataira, Royal Norwegian Consul General Sten Arne Rosnes, Consul General of Hungary Balazs Bokor, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States H.E. Sergei Ivanovich Kislyak, the Governor, Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell, Consul General of the Russian Federation Yuri Gerasin, British Consul General Julian Evans; (Second row, l to r) Honorary Consul of Poland Stan Borucki, Honorary Consul of Finland Wayne Stolt, Honorary Royal Norwegian Erling Trygve Johansen, Alberta Executive Director of the US and Americas Marvin Schneider, Consul of Canada Karen Matthias, Alberta Minister of Energy Mel Knight, State of Alaska Commissioner General Craig Campbell, former Governor Walter J. Hickel, State of Alaska Commissioner Larry LeDoux; Consul of Japan Hideo Fujita, Consul of Korea Hee-chul Kim, Consul of Mexico Jose Luis Cuevas, Honorary Consul of the Seychelles Harold Greetn, Honorary Consul fo France Marc LaRose, State of Alaska Director of International Trade and of the Office of the Governor Kris Perry, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic Frank Nosek, Alaska State Senator Gary Stevens

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