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Adios Ricardo Montalban: A Good Man and a Great Entertainer

Posted by iusbvision on January 15, 2009

This week the world mourns the death of one of our greatest entertainers, Ricardo Montalban.

Of course Ricardo Montalban appeared in dozens of films and television programs. Montalban’s work will live forever. He is especially noted for his roles as Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island and Khan Noonien Singh from the Star Trek television show and the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan who is considered one of the greatest film and television villains of all time. Here is a famous look at Kahn in action:

Fantasy Island took television drama and sometimes even it’s own version of the twilight zone and put it in the setting of a tropical island where Mr. Roarke is quite literally its all powerful master.

One Response to “Adios Ricardo Montalban: A Good Man and a Great Entertainer”

  1. coffee said

    Dos Equis should have hired Ricardo Montalban to do a few ads for them, he could have done their “most interesting man in the world” bit perfectly (he has a Spanish accent too)

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