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Obama’s Choice for Treasury Secretary has Ethics Problems

Posted by iusbvision on January 21, 2009

If you or I blew off $34,000 in taxes, or we had put down our childs summer camp trip as a business expense we would go to jail, but Tim Geithner is a Democrat and one of the Obama elite so he gets rewarded with a Cabinet Post.

I was going to have a long post about this and all of the problems with this joker, but Glenn beck took the words right out of my mouth. Well done Glenn.

Thanks to for the video link.

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Yet Another UN Child Sex Abuse Scandal

Posted by iusbvision on January 21, 2009

Today – The latest from the New York Daily News:

A high-ranking human rights worker with ties to the United Nations was nabbed at Kennedy Airport Tuesday with kiddie porn in his suitcase, officials said.

Clarence Dias, 65, president of the International Center for Law in Development, whose offices are located at the UN, had the smut in his carry-on bag as he passed through security on his way to a flight bound for Bangkok, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Transportation Security Administration officials doing a random bag check around 8:20a.m. allegedly found a DVD whose cover featured an apparently underage nude boy and an adult male in Dias’ handbag, prosecutors said.

The video’s title – “Winner Pub Pattaya” – apparently refers to a beach resort in Thailand, authorities said. There were also other lewd photographs in the bag, authorities said.

This is the latest sex scandal to roil the UN.

The agency came under fire in 2002 for turning a blind eye to wide-scale sexual abuse of West African refugee children by its own aid workers and peacekeepers.

UN workers from nine countries – including Britain and India – were accused of sexually exploiting children in dozens of refugee camps in war-torn Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, the internal report found.

Last Week – U.N. probes peacekeeper sex abuse:

Agency has collected 217 allegations of abuse of girls, women in Congo
The Associated Press
Jan. 14, 2009

GENEVA – A United Nations probe collected 217 allegations of abuse of girls and women by peacekeepers in eastern Congo, from sex with teenagers in the back room of a liquor store to threats of “hacking” victims for cooperating with investigators.

The 2006 investigation found many allegations credible and said evidence suggests “frequent and ongoing” sexual exploitation in the region. But it could only establish proof against one of 75 peacekeepers accused of wrongdoing.

Details of alleged incidents dating back to 2004 are summarized in a “strictly confidential” 17-page document.

It is dated Jan. 30, 2007, and was published Wednesday by whistleblower Web site The report has previously been referred to by human rights organizations and the U.N. itself, but not made public. U.N. officials confirmed its authenticity.

Allegations of sex abuse and other crimes have dogged U.N. peacekeeping missions almost since their inception in 1948; the global body has in recent years adopted a “zero tolerance” approach.

The report cited a number of cases where victims may have been pressured or bribed to keep silent. “One victim informed (investigators) that she had received a message from a peacekeeper that he would ‘hack them’ if he ever saw them again,” the report said.

2005 – Sexual misconduct by U.N. personnel in Burundi, Haiti, Liberia and elsewhere:

Officials Acknowledge ‘Swamp’ of Problems and Pledge Fixes Amid New Allegations in Africa, Haiti

By Colum Lynch
Washington Post
Sunday, March 13, 2005; Page A22

UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations is facing new allegations of sexual misconduct by U.N. personnel in Burundi, Haiti, Liberia and elsewhere, which is complicating the organization’s efforts to contain a sexual abuse scandal that has tarnished its Nobel Prize-winning peacekeepers in Congo.

2004 – 68 cases of alleged rape, prostitution and pedophilia by U.N. peacekeepers:

The 34-page report, which was obtained by The Washington Post accuses U.N. peacekeepers from Morocco, Pakistan and Nepal of seeking to obstruct U.N. efforts to investigate a sexual abuse scandal that has damaged the United Nations’ standing in Congo.

The report documents 68 cases of alleged rape, prostitution and pedophilia by U.N. peacekeepers from Pakistan, Uruguay, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa and Nepal. U.N. officials say they have uncovered more than 150 allegations of sexual misconduct throughout the country as part of a widening investigation into sexual abuse by U.N. personnel that has plagued the United Nations’ largest peacekeeping mission, U.N. officials said.

Special thanks to Ed Morrissey from for archiving some of this information.

2002 – Child sex abuse by UN workers:

A shocking report jointly issued on February 26th by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Save The Children detailed evidence of widespread sexual exploitation of children at refugee camps in West Africa.

According to the report, aid workers from the UNHCR and a number of different NGOs have been sexually abusing children in camps in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, where refugees have fled to escape civil war.

According to Paul Nolan of Save The Children, “what emerged was a problem that was widespread, quite possibly endemic and which also included people who were actually in place to provide those refugee children with the care and protection they were entitled to…. It’s a problem we know has been around for some time. Nolan also admitted that the investigation had uncovered a “fairly widespread culture of exploitation” in which “a whole range of people in a position of authority and trust were abusing these positions. All in return for sexual favors.” Still more despicably, many aid worke rs apparently coerced sexual favors from children by withholding food and relief-agency services unless the children complied with their twisted demands.

1987 – Child porn ring ran from UNICEF offices and computers:

Published: June 25, 1987

LEAD: The head of the United Nations Children’s Fund in Belgium resigned today after the disclosure of a child pornography case linked to the Belgian branch of the organization.

The head of the United Nations Children’s Fund in Belgium resigned today after the disclosure of a child pornography case linked to the Belgian branch of the organization.

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My Thoughts on the Inauguration Speech.

Posted by iusbvision on January 21, 2009

Barack Obama is well known to be a great speech maker and I was expecting a real barn burner of an inaugural.

My take on the speech is the same as John Stewart’s from the Daily Show where he compared Obama’s speech with Bush’s and found a plagiaristic similarity.

As someone who is a student of political science, I have read or viewed every inaugural speech and many of them several times and like John Stewart I found myself thinking that I have heard this all before.

The UK Telegraph said that it was the worst speech Obama ever made. I think that may be a little harsh, but this certainly was not Obama at his best and it looks like, nor was this really his speech.

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Posted by iusbvision on January 21, 2009

Inauguration A Nation Gathers

What a mess. Take a look at the national mall after the inauguration yesterday.

Now compare it to the Rush Limbaugh event where 70,000 people showed up for 8 hours in Ft. Collins Colorado:

It was reported at the time that the city was amazed at how clean the Limbaugh fans left the city.

I’ll never forget what I saw just after everyone cleared off from Dan’s Bake Sale. There was a small army of janitorial people from the city of Fort Collins lined up waiting to pick up trash…

…but there weren’t even cigarette butts in the gutters. All they had to do was empty the trash containers, which were admittedly filled to overflowing (but the ones I saw were actually tastefully arranged, as if a large trash pile was trying to impersonate a flower arrangement).

The shock on the workers’ faces was priceless.


In 1997 I attended the Promise Keepers event on the Washington D.C. Mall. There must have been over 1 million of us. When we left at the end of the day, so did our trash. The next day on the local news, the media couldn’t get over how much cleaner the grounds were compared to a July 4th event.

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