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Posted by iusbvision on January 21, 2009

Inauguration A Nation Gathers

What a mess. Take a look at the national mall after the inauguration yesterday.

Now compare it to the Rush Limbaugh event where 70,000 people showed up for 8 hours in Ft. Collins Colorado:

It was reported at the time that the city was amazed at how clean the Limbaugh fans left the city.

I’ll never forget what I saw just after everyone cleared off from Dan’s Bake Sale. There was a small army of janitorial people from the city of Fort Collins lined up waiting to pick up trash…

…but there weren’t even cigarette butts in the gutters. All they had to do was empty the trash containers, which were admittedly filled to overflowing (but the ones I saw were actually tastefully arranged, as if a large trash pile was trying to impersonate a flower arrangement).

The shock on the workers’ faces was priceless.


In 1997 I attended the Promise Keepers event on the Washington D.C. Mall. There must have been over 1 million of us. When we left at the end of the day, so did our trash. The next day on the local news, the media couldn’t get over how much cleaner the grounds were compared to a July 4th event.

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