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Did Obama Lie About His Education Secretary?

Posted by iusbvision on January 23, 2009



Numbers Game

President-elect Obama says his pick for education secretary — Chicago Schools Chief Arne Duncan — presided over a 30% increase in the number of elementary students who meet acceptable levels on standardized tests. But a Cybercast News analysis of education department statistics indicates only 17% of Chicago eighth graders tested at or above grade level in reading in 2007. In contrast, 29% of eighth graders across the country scored at or above grade-level reading that year.

The report says Chicago’s schools consistently performed below the national average in reading, writing and math during Duncan’s tenure.

Also in the video –  State Government Gone Wild

Twenty-two of the 36 states facing budget deficits this fiscal year are increasing spending. Yes, increasing. Many states are collecting significantly less revenue than they counted on when budgets were drafted six months ago.

Spending cuts or tax increases will be necessitated because a number of states are required by law to balance their budgets. Cybercast News reports a survey from the National Governors Association and the National Association of State Budget Officers released this week says the biggest offender is Nevada which at mid-year was $115 million in debt but plans to increase spending by just over 11%. New York will spend about 5.5% more despite being $1.8 billion in the red. Rounding out the top five are Ohio, North Carolina and Connecticut.

Hey, you voted for these people…..

2 Responses to “Did Obama Lie About His Education Secretary?”

  1. Dale said

    Maybe he got “Bad Intelligence..”, ahem

    [For years the far left opposed our waging of the Cold War and the global opposition to Soviet expansion. Now that we have won the Cold War those who opposed winning it such as Joe Biden now claim credit for it. The same for the operation to oust Saddam from kuwait. Indeed success has many fathers. Geopolitical reality meant that during that Cold War we tolerated some anti-communist dictators and when we removed the worst of them after repeated abuses the left cried “imperialism” and took every opportunity to declare the war “lost” and give the enemy a propaganda coup with reckless false statements about our military and the war effort on a weekly basis.

    Was the left opposed to our resistance to Soviet expansion, opposed to Republican presidents no matter how much it hurt the country or are they just opposed to American success altogether? – Editor]

  2. Anon said

    I don’t understand what in this suggests that Obama is lying. Duncan easily could have presided over a 30% INCREASE in the number of students meeting standards with the percentage overall still being a pathetic 17%.

    As a simple example: Suppose there were 100 students and only 13/100 (13%) met the standards when Duncan started. If after some time 17/100 (17%) met the standard, that would have been an increase of 4 students. To calculate a PERCENTAGE increase, that would be 4/13, or just over 30%.

    Again, the overall performance is lame, but I don’t see how what is presented here suggests dishonesty.

    [Hi Anon, I will be happy to explain.

    Sure it does suggest dishonesty, do you think that Obama included these statistics in the package about this man? Obama speaks of transparency a lot but keeps many, many things secret…

    …see this link for details –

    They even removed the presidential daily briefing off As far as press access and transparency go so far this administration is proving more secretive than the last one.

    So I ask you, was Obama transparent about this man? Did he tell us the whole truth? Do you bust your kids when they only tell you the parts of the truth that is convenient for them?? If so, why would you have a different standard in your president? – Editor]

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