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AWESOME: Geraldo Rivera Takes Same Position as IUSB Vision on Blago/Fitzgerald

Posted by iusbvision on January 26, 2009

It’s about time that Fox News caught up with us.

Since December 11th 2008 the IUSB Vision has been alone in saying that the way that the prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, has conducted the Blagojevich investigation has been shameful and incompetent. What is shameful is that Fitzgerald said that what he had would make Abe Lincoln roll over in his grave while showboating to the media (which is another violation of legal ethics because it was a clear attempt to taint any would be jury pool), only to see Fitzgerald produce NO indictments against Blagojevich. Fitzgerald even had the sitting governor arrested when he had no indictments. Now Fitzgerald is asking the court for special extensions to file indictments.

You don’t arrest a sitting governor and start a media fiasco unless you have it and it is clear that Fitzgerald didn’t have it on December 10th and doesn’t have it today. This is not the first time Fitzgerald has engaged in prosecutorial misconduct.

Geraldo (who is a lawyer) and another analyst at Fox News had much to say in the video below, including how the impeachment trial against Blagojevich is a complete sham designed to skirt due process, which is what we here at IUSB Vision have said from day one.

Geraldo: “this is a total deprevation of this man’s due process”

[Editor’s Note – On a personal note; as a writer and as a former IUSB Chief Justice, every time I have made a legal determination, my legal interpretation has won the day. I am glad to see that experienced lawyers are now coming to what I saw as obvious from day one. Blagojevich might very well be guilty, but due process has been thrown to the dogs in the worst form almost very step of the way of this story. It is about time that someone else besides us have finally spoken out. To see our detailed coverage of this case just click the “Blagojevich” tag at the bottom of this entry.]

Special thanks to Johnny Dollar for posting the video.

UPDATE – Here is Geraldo’s Interview with Blago – definately a must see.

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