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Sen. Stevens Trial a Sham – FBI Agent Had Affair With Witness

Posted by iusbvision on January 28, 2009

In an earlier post we explained how prosecutorial misconduct and FBI misconduct during his trial may cause Sen. Ted Stevens to walk.

Now this, and judging by what has been reported already I am not surprised. Appearently the government prosecution knew about the affair and decided that the judge and the defense didn’t need to know. Allen is the guy whose word the government took and presented to the jury. He is one of the main guys who did things for Stevens:

Attorneys for former Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) have accused an FBI agent involved in the Stevens corruption investigation of having an inappropriate relationship with a key witness in the case.

Based on a complaint by an FBI whistleblower, Agent Chad Joy, the Stevens defense team claims that Mary Beth Kepner, the lead FBI agent on the case, had a personal relationship with Bill Allen, the CEO of an Alaska oil services firm and a witness against Stevens.

Stevens’ lawyers state that Joy’s memo “strongly suggests that the inappropriate relationship was sexual.” Joy stated that Kepner “wore a skirt for Allen” on a day that he was to testify in the case.

Joy also charges that Kepner may have provided secret grand jury information to Allen about other ongoing federal investigations.

Stevens’ attorneys also claim that prosecutors “lied” about being aware of exculpatory information on Stevens’ possessed by the Justice Department.

Stevens’ attorneys charge that the Joy memo, which was provided to DOJ officials sometime before Dec. 2, “shows unmistakably that government representatives lied to the court or stood by silently while other members of the prosecution team represented facts to the Court that simply were not true.”

2 Responses to “Sen. Stevens Trial a Sham – FBI Agent Had Affair With Witness”

  1. Cornelius said

    FBI Agent Joy is a sick weasle, who made some sexist rant.
    In the tank for Ted, making a mockery of the U S justice system.
    Call it some lil’ suck up to corrupt power.
    Some seem to be proud there are such sicko weasels in the FBI pandering to the likes of Ted Stevens.
    Jury nullification by a strange FBI, Joy rider, who was intent on derailing a jury verdict, as if just some gmaing teh system for teh powerful. Joy’s rants are not exactly facts, they only thing it proves is Joy is a sicko weasel

    [FBI Agent Joy is the agent who blew the whistle on the prosecutor and FBI misconduct in the Stevens trial. Stevens is a Republican so the hate mongers on the left wanted him to go to jail. The judge and the new democrat Attorney General agree about the prosecutorial and FBI misconduct. The far left doesn’t care. They are out to smear Agent Joy who did the right thing. It speaks volumes about the disfunctional mentality of the far left. – Editor]

  2. alvispat said

    Thanks to the editor for your comments. You are 100% on target.

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