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Limbaugh Responds to Obama’s Attacks and DNC Distortions of his Statements.

Posted by iusbvision on January 31, 2009

UPDATE – Here is what Rush said back from January 21, 2009. The title of the video is “Does Rush Want Obama to Succeed –

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Thanks to Radio Equalizer for the clip.

UPDATE: Here is Rush this morning on Fox News –

One Response to “Limbaugh Responds to Obama’s Attacks and DNC Distortions of his Statements.”

  1. Barry Stabilo said

    Rush Limbaugh, the ultra-patriot, said “I only need four words: I hope he fails”. Then he cries that he was “taken out of context.” He was the one who said he only needed four words.
    Can you imagine what Limbaugh would have said of someone who made a comment like that less than a month into a Republican president’s term? Why, he would be called a traitor, for sure.
    What does that make Limbaugh?

    [So when writers for the Huffington Post say that they hope that the Iraq War fails (which also means lots more of our guys die) I don’t see you critiquing that.

    Why does the left ALWAYS have to distort and mischaracterize the statements of others in order to make their bogus straw man argument? Limbaugh made it clear that if Obama trys to socialize America he hopes he fails.

    What you have done here is like me making a list of all the people who are saying “I hope he fails” and putting your name on that list as if you wanted to say “I hope he fails” too (after all you typed those words above so you did say it). When you ask to have your name removed from the list I can just say “that you are crying that you are taken out of context.” – Editor]

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