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Glenn Beck Interviews Governor Blagojevich

Posted by iusbvision on February 2, 2009

This interview is a great example of why Glenn Beck is one of the best in the business. The better part of the interview is when they talk more about the due process violations that Gov. Blagojevich has been subject too.

Like him or hate him his due process has been violated in numerous ways as we have outlined previously. To see more just click on the “Blagojevich” tag at the bottom of this article.

Also speaking of “like him or hate him” I do admire Blago’s guts in going into a very tough interview. Blago had to know that Beck was going to be fair but very hard. Beck didn’t disappoint.

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Foreign Press Goes After Obama for Breaking Lobbyist Pledge

Posted by iusbvision on February 2, 2009

Last week we told you how lobbyists have been welcomed back by the Democrats after Obama ran ad after ad criticizing McCain for having former lobbyists working on his campaign all while Obama had active lobbyists working on his.

Now the India Daily published this piece about lobbyists in the Obama Administration.

Kudos to for finding the link:

Obama appointed more than 17 lobbyists after talking big on anti-lobbyist, clean Governance
Adrian Nathan
Jan. 31, 2009

It is easy to project yourself as a clean politician after making your debut in South Side Chicago with buddies like Rahm Emanuel. US president Obama has appointed more than 17 lobbyists after talking big on anti-lobbyist Governance and rooting corruption out of the American Government.

Dreams are dreams. Facts are facts. President Obama is surrounded by corrupt lobbyists ready to sell America cheap. One good silver lining – if Obama Adminsitration’s corruption index is 10, Bush Administration’s was 95.

Take the example of the newest exposure of doubletalk from Obama! After calling for clean Governance, he appoints a Treasury Secretary who “forgot” to pay for his ‘business tax’ for years! Tom Daschle, a top lobbyist in Washington, who has amended his U.S. tax forms to pay back taxes with interest, is now Obama’s best choice for America’s chief health official.

Daschle, 61, paid more than $140,000 in back taxes and interest on Jan. 2, the New York Times reported, citing unidentified administration officials. The back taxes involved unreported consulting fees, questionable charitable contributions and a car and driver provided by Democratic Party donor Leo Hindery Jr., a founder of the private equity firm InterMedia Advisors, according to a confidential draft report prepared by the Senate Finance Committee, the Washington Post reported.

No wonder Obama does not want to prosecute the Bush Administration for their wrong doings! No wonder Obama spent 170 million dollars in inauguration extravaganza when common American families were facing loss of jobs, lack of healthcare, and foreclosures!

Would you believe, Obama had to issue 17 waivers on his own rule in less than two weeks for allowing lobbyist enter his Administration and control Governance of America!

American media has had a few blurbs on this, but imagine the press reaction if President Bush was routinely breaking promises like this?

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Tom Daschle: Fourth Powerful Democrat in two weeks to be revealed as a tax cheat

Posted by iusbvision on February 2, 2009

This time its $128,000.

First it was Charlie Rangel the Democratic leader of the Congressional Committee that writes tax laws.

Then it was Tim Geithner, Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury who enforces tax laws.

Then it was Carolyn Kennedy and her tax “errors” cost her the New York Senate seat.

Now it is Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick for Secretary of health and Human Services.

Isn’t it strange that these far left Democrats who want us regular folks to pay through the nose get away with not paying theirs?

Feb. 2 (Bloomberg) — Thomas A. Daschle, picked by President Barack Obama to be Health and Human Services secretary, said he was “deeply embarrassed” about $128,000 in errors on his taxes, and promised in a letter to answer all questions about how it happened.

The letter was sent to the ranking members of the Senate Finance Committee before a meeting today between the panel and the former U.S. senator, according to a person who provided the correspondence to Bloomberg. Daschle amended his returns for 2005, 2006 and 2007, and paid $140,000 in taxes and interest.

Daschle’s nomination must be confirmed by the finance committee. Republican Jon Kylof Arizona, a panel member, said on “Fox News Sunday” that it’s too early to tell whether the nomination is in trouble. Daschle refiled his returns Jan. 2 to add unreported consulting fees, unspecified charitable contributions and a car and driver provided by Leo Hindery Jr., a founder of the private-equity firm InterMedia Advisors, a committee draft report said.

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Second baby toy on the market that says “Islam is the light.”

Posted by iusbvision on February 2, 2009

Channel 10 Terre Haute Indiana reports:

KNIGHTSVILLE, Ind. (WTHI) – Months ago, Rachel Jones was shocked to discover her 4-year-old’s baby doll seemed to have a hidden message: Islam is the light.

Imagine her surprise when a game for her 8-year-old daughter’s Nintendo DS had the same message.

Rachel said she bought the Nintendo game, Baby Pals, as a gift for her 8-year-old daughter after a good report card.

She had no idea the game also contained the hidden message “Islam is the light.”

“We were sitting in the kitchen, and she was playing it,” said Jones. “All of a sudden she looked at me, and I looked at her and she said, ‘Mom, I think my baby said something.’ And so I played it back, and it says ‘Islam is the light.'”

The message on the doll and in the Nintendo game sound exactly the same.

The Nintendo game has an “E” rating, which means it’s suitable for any age.

In a virtual reality setting, the child playing the game can feed the baby or teach it to crawl, among other things. It’s only when the child gives the baby a bath that it repeatedly seems to say “Islam is the light.”

Jones said she’s angry this is the second toy she’s had to take from her children.

“Not just my daughters’ toys, but we have a son too,” said Jones. “Now I feel like I need to listen to all of his little toys to make sure they’re not saying it.”

Nintendo’s representatives said the game is manufactured by a third party, so they’re not responsible for the content, but the game’s packaging clearly states the game is licensed by Nintendo.

News 10 also contacted the game’s manufacturer, Crave Entertainment, and we are still waiting on a call back.

The Baby Pals game can be purchased at a number of places, including Game Stop,, and

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