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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

It’s a Circus: More Stimulus Bill Details Out

Posted by iusbvision on February 6, 2009

Senator Lindsay Graham tells it like it is, how the process is not bipartisan, how the Republicans have been locked out, how the bill is filled with payoffs for cronies and scare tactics are being used by the administration to pass it.

My description does not do this video justice, it is a must see.

Obama’s oped is HERE that Graham refers to. It is filled with platitudes could be refutted point by point with relative ease if anyone wished to take the time. It is no wonder that most of the American people are now against this bill. Click the Government Gone Wild link below for previous updates and the text of this bill.

Glenn Beck also has his say, as usual Beck lays on the satire pretty thick, but he makes some very important points so this video is a must see. Towards the end after the Rev. Petersen interview Beck starts reading off the crap that is in this bill. 

One Response to “It’s a Circus: More Stimulus Bill Details Out”

  1. Ken Meyer said

    Can anyone round up money and support for a 1 hour prime time review of each main point of the Porkulus Bill?


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