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Here is The Car Congress Wants You to Buy.

Posted by iusbvision on February 11, 2009

Care to freeze your buns off in one of these things? How do you think it did in the insurance industry crash tests? What do you think one of the local potholes would do to one of these things? Congress is going to spend hundreds of millions buying these via the porkulus bill.

Yup that’s Hillary.


New York Post:

The $838 billion economic stimulus bill that passed the Senate yesterday contains $300 million for the government to purchase a fleet of “green” cars.

But the money won’t just go to buy fuel-efficient hybrids such as the Ford Escape or Chevy Volt.

The cash also can be used to purchase “neighborhood electric vehicles.”

The NEVs, which resemble streamlined golf carts, scoot at up to 25 mph, operate on battery power and can be plugged into 110-volt outlets for charging.

They are sometimes used at hospitals, college campuses and retirement communities, and can cost around $8,000 each. They don’t produce carbon emissions.

The House-passed version of the stimulus provides even more money for federal car purchases – $600 million. The pot of money also specifically includes the NEVs.

There’s also a tax subsidy in the bill to juice up vehicle sales – a potential a job-killer for golf caddies.

The provision gives a 10 percent tax credit off the price of specified “low-speed” vehicles costing up to $40,000..

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Dear Professor, How Come You Aren’t as Smart as This 12 Year Old?

Posted by iusbvision on February 11, 2009

Update: As usual and expected, multiple far left loons have threatened to harm this little girl.

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Democrats Have Conference In Middle of the Night to Change the Porkulus – Lock Republicans Out.

Posted by iusbvision on February 11, 2009

UPDATE – Republicans shut out of bill negotiations make video outside the door –


Yes indeed – this is the most transparent, ethical and bipartisan government ever right? This is what they promised during the campaign.  Now look at how brazen they break their promises.

Michelle Malkin/Congress Daily:

It appears that Pelosi and Reid staff met all through the night in secret with Democratic conferees’ staff to cobble together the “stimulus” conference report. Republican conferees were frozen out.

The objective appears to be to produce a final conference report on the trillion-dollar spending bill by this afternoon so that floor action can take place in both chambers by Thursday.

They intend to ram this trillion-dollar spending bill through with as little debate and scrutiny as possible.

The House voted unanimously yesterday in support of a Republican measure stating that the American should have 48 hrs to review the bill prior to passage. Will Democrats follow through? Or will they do the opposite of what they voted to do yesterday?

RedState has more details from GOP Rep. Tom Price on the freeze-out.

These promises below are being abandoned already……

End the Practice of Writing Legislation Behind Closed Doors: As president, Barack Obama will restore the American people’s trust in their government by making government more open and transparent. Obama will work to reform congressional rules to require all legislative sessions, including committee mark-ups and conference committees, to be conducted in public. By making these practices public, the American people will be able to hold their leaders accountable for wasteful spending and lawmakers won’t be able to slip favors for lobbyists into bills at the last minute.  

Create a Public “Contracts and Influence” Database: As president, Obama will create a “contracts and influence” database that will disclose how much federal contractors spend on lobbying, and what contracts they are getting and how well they complete them.

Sunlight Before Signing: Too often bills are rushed through Congress and to the president before the public has the opportunity to review them. As president, Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.

Shine Light on Earmarks and Pork Barrel Spending: Obama’s Transparency and Integrity in Earmarks Act will shed light on all earmarks by disclosing the name of the legislator who asked for each earmark, along with a written justification, 72 hours before they can be approved by the full Senate.

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Awesome: Informative and Entertaining Stimulus Video

Posted by iusbvision on February 11, 2009

I loved it, so will you. – This video also tells you step by step – in a fun way, how to fix the housing industry. Any good student of economics can tell you how to do it, so why isn’t Washington even addressing it seriously?

When there are a ton of foreclosures, too much supply, low consumer confidence resulting in low demand how do you fix it – you raise the demand. How do you do that? – Watch this video.

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VIDEO: John Kerry – You Can’t Be Trusted With Your Own Money, Only Government Can

Posted by iusbvision on February 11, 2009

Contempt for freedom, contempt for you.

From the porkulus bill debate:

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Stealth Gun Bans in Omnibus Senate Bill

Posted by iusbvision on February 11, 2009

This is exactly the sort of thing the Democrats promised would not happen in the campaign:


Lost in all the news of the massive bailout bill that just passed the Senate is another enormous bill, one that increases federal control of public and private land.

Of particular concern to gun owners is that the bill, S. 22, will greatly expand the amount of land controlled by the National Park Service. NPS land is currently subject to a gun ban.

While President Bush took steps in the waning days of his presidency to reverse the ban, the new regulations apply to persons who carry a concealed firearm with a permit. Non-permit holders and open carry are not explicitly addressed.

Another eyebrow-raising aspect of this bill is that it is actually a compilation of over 150 separate pieces of legislation that never passed out of Congress on their own merits.

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) successfully held up over 100 of these bills, until anti-gun Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rolled all of the bills into one so-called Coburn Omnibus and forced it through the Senate in January on a vote of 73-21.

As the House prepares to take up the bill, the Democrat leadership has taken procedural steps to ensure that the measure cannot be amended or altered in any way. That means that if it passes the House, it goes right to President Obama’s desk, where it will be signed into law.

The full House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on the bill this Wednesday or Thursday.

Unless the NPS gun ban is repealed and the rights of gun owners are protected, Gun Owners of America opposes the bill in its entirety.

ACTION: Please urge your Representative to repeal the NPS gun ban in S. 22, or to vote against the entire bill.

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