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Quote of the day

Posted by iusbvision on February 12, 2009

“When John McCain warned of socialism in the campaign I thought he was fear mongering. John McCain was right and I was wrong.” – Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News Radio this morning.

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Its Criminal – Tax Breaks for Home Buyers Dropped in Porkulus

Posted by iusbvision on February 12, 2009

Help for the suffering housing market slashed so the Democratic leader can get more pork.

Is this the change you voted for????

Via Ed Morrissey at

Thanks to a sleazy back-room deal between Barack Obama and Harry Reid, the city least in need of government bailouts will get a $8 billion pork project in the final version of Porkulus.  Now Southern California residents can have another way to lose their money, and we can all pay for the ride:

In late-stage talks, Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., pressed for $8 billion to construct high-speed rail lines, quadrupling the amount in the bill that passed the Senate on Tuesday.

Reid’s office issued a statement noting that a proposed Los Angeles-to-Las Vegas rail might get a big chunk of the money.

And what got cut to ensure Reid’s pork bonanza?

To tamp down costs, several tax provisions were dropped or sharply cut back. A provision popular with Republicans and the big business lobby that would have awarded about $54 billion to money-losing businesses over the next two years was instead limited to small businesses, greatly reducing its cost.

A $15,000 tax credit for anybody buying a home over the next year was dropped; instead, first-time homebuyers could claim an $8,000 credit for homes bought by the end of August. Car buyers could deduct the sales tax they paid on a new car but not the interest on their car loans.

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67 computers ‘missing’ from top secret nuclear weapons lab.

Posted by iusbvision on February 12, 2009

Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory in New Mexico is missing 67 computers, including 13 that were lost or stolen in the past year. Officials say no classified information has been lost.

The watchdog group Project on Government Oversight on Wednesday released a memo dated Feb. 3 from the Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration outlining the loss of the computers.

Kevin Roark, a spokesman for Los Alamos, on Wednesday confirmed the computers were missing and said the lab was initiating a monthlong inventory to account for every computer. He said the computers were a cybersecurity issue because they may contain personal information like names and addresses, but they did not contain any classified information.

Thirteen of the missing computers were lost or stolen in the past 12 months, including three computers that were taken from a scientist’s home in Santa Fe, N.M., on Jan. 16, and a BlackBerry belonging to another employee was lost “in a sensitive foreign country,” according to the memo and an e-mail from a senior lab manager.

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Bette Davis: Hollywoods Patriotism and Intellect as it Once Was.

Posted by iusbvision on February 12, 2009

Hat Tip John Nolte for the video link.

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UK Telegraph: Barack Obama and Tim Geithner rob Main Street of $3 trillion (and give it to Wall Street)

Posted by iusbvision on February 12, 2009

Sometimes the foreign press just nails it when they look at American domestic policy.

Literally trillions of dollars given to Wall Street, the expansion of government and special interest groups and how much do you think that you will see? Hey they are considering putting up a tiny 50 billion in comparison to help people with their mortgages. They could have paid off 90% of every mortgage in the United States with the money they have/are spending. We are not just talking about the trillion Congress has put up, but the trillions from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury have put up as well.

Remember when they said that if we didn’t do that first trillion in bailouts that we would continue to fall. Well they got the trillion and did they help the mortgage crisis? Nope. They used the money to buy each other up and hand out billions to each other and the economy has continued to fall. So what is the answer, lets do it again….. (Quinn’s Law # 10: Leftists never think what they are doing is wrong, they only think they haven’t done enough of it yet or it is underfunded).


Barack Obama and Tim Geithner rob Main Street of $3 trillion

Barack Obama’s stimulus plan is pure madness

by Gerald Warner  UK Telegraph

The sparkle has gone from his eyes already,” an American acquaintance said to me yesterday, referring to Barack Obama. “He doesn’t know what to do.” Obama’s performance at his press conference confirmed that impression, with the rhetoric of the campaign trail, fluent and banal as piped musak, replaced with long hesitations not just between sentences, but between clauses. This was an auto-cue junkie suffering cold turkey.

When a political lightweight is out of his depth, he seeks to compensate by counterfeiting the certainty he is far from feeling. Obama’s rantings in defence of his stimulus plan have assumed an apocalyptic intensity. Unless Congress agrees to flush almost $1 trillion of Joe Citizen’s hard-earned bucks down the sanitation, “Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse.”

So, America had better listen to the man who “screwed up” over Tom Daschle because he alone has the wisdom to extricate the US of A from financial disaster. The instrument of salvation is the biggest barrel of pork that the undeserving needy have ever seen in American history, from sea to shining sea. The financial crisis may seem complex, but the solution – the real solution – depends on one simple premise: tax cuts revive economies, handouts do not.

Trillion-dollar giveaways are like buses: there will be another one along in a moment. Driving the next vehicle is Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who thinks it would be a nice gesture to hand another $2 trillion to Gordon Gekko and his pals on Wall Street. Apparently the last handout made no appreciable difference, so better throw some more moolah into the piranha pool – some of those poor SOBs are down to their last executive jet.

Where will the money come from? No problem – we just divert it from Main Street to Wall Street, an increasingly familiar route to those in the White House and on Capitol Hill who specialise in redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich. This seems to be in addition to Geithner’s $0.5 trillion scheme to stimulate spending in real estate, drawing cash largely from the US Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

So, overall, Barack and Tim are currently disposing of more than $3 trillion of taxpayers’ money. The only remotely comparable stimulus scheme proposed for America was a fictitious one: when the James Bond villain Auric Goldfinger planned to detonate a nuclear device in Fort Knox and irradiate the nation’s gold reserves. Incinerating $3 trillion in dollar bills could not be more wasteful than the Obama stimulus plan.

It is madness. These lunatics are mugging Main Street of $3 trillion and squandering it on a liberal fantasy. It could be a generation before America recovers – not simply from the loss of these funds, but from the economic mismanagement of which it is a symptom. The fall-out will be very serious for the rest of the world. Hope? Change we need? Vote in haste, repent at leisure.

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Special interests groups getting paid in Porkulus Bill launch ads attacking those standing up against it

Posted by iusbvision on February 12, 2009

I laughed out loud when they said that these Congressman are against this because they are for the failed policies of the last eight years. Most of the GOP members left in the House are those who stood up against the growth of government, the corruption and are those who pushed legislation to reform mortgage industry policing that Democrats opposed while they were taking incredible amounts of money from that industry, namely Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and other Wall Street interests. Many of the Republicans who went along with this kind of legislation were thrown out of office in the last two elections.

The AFSCME is a government employees union. This bill is largely a growth of government bill and AFSCME stands to make many millions off of this bill so they will have millions to kick back to Democrats.

This bill is what was wrong with government policy in the last eight years on steroids.

Update –  Plum Online is reporting that AFSCME’s 527 group coordinated with the White House on this ad. That’s illegal. (Hat Tip

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