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O’Reilly: Liberalism Has Created Irresponsible Behavior In Our Society

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

People are not regulating their own behavior. The anything goes, if it feels good do it mentality is taking it’s toll. Religion is a primary way that people regulated their own behavior and we all know how the elite media  and the university culture has treated that idea.

When I was SGA Chief Justice, I saw cases where students, professors, and even administrators who make 5 and six figure salaries engaged in truly wicked behavior. Only force or threat of public humiliation and legal consequences persuaded them to do the right thing.

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Anti-War President starts surge of his own – Anti-War sycophants quiet

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

Oh how the elite media and the far left activists have changed their attitude.

It just goes to show that we were right to print that the so called anti-war activists were invested in our defeat because of Bush Derangement Syndrome and not their false claims of patriotism. Malkin also reminds the audience that once the surge proved to be a success all anti-surge comments from Obama were scrubbed from his web site. In a couple of years he will be talking credit for it.

Thanks to for the video link.

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Elite Media Mum on Honor Killings, NBC Gave Killer a Positive Puff Piece

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

We reported how this man, who started a pro-muslim TV network here in the United States, beheaded his wife. NBC gave the guy a great puff piece. But now that the man has beheaded his wife it isn’t newsworthy.

We also reported the honor killings of two girls in Texas that Laura speaks of in the video.

Every transgression by any priest or preacher is gleefully reported over and over again and this is blacked out.

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Karl Rove on the mortgage crisis, whats to be done, and Roland Burris.

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

This is a rather excellent interview from Bill O’Reilly.

Sallee Comments:

This is all known, but the left wing media [elite media culture as we say here] refuses to report it. They are protecting Dodd and Frank, as they blame Bush. Maxine Waters, Meeks, Schumer and the rest of them are also guilty. Now you know why the left want to silence and censor talk radio and the Internet, they want to prevent the truth from coming out at all costs.

Not exactly how I would have worded it, but it is essentially accurate. Before you comment, no, Fox is not a part of the elite media culture.

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More Pay to Play Corruption in Congress – Democrats 9 of top 10 worst offenders

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

The Democrats have held total power for a month and yet another on a long series of corruption scandals have come to light.

Here is CQ’s list of the 104 members who took money from PMA.

Congressional Quarterly:

More than 100 House members secured earmarks in a major spending bill for clients of a single lobbying firm — The PMA Group — known for its close ties to John P. Murtha , the congressman in charge of Pentagon appropriations.

“It shows you how good they were,” said Keith Ashdown, chief investigator at the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense. “The sheer coordination of that would take an army to finish.”

PMA’s offices have been raided, and the firm closed its political action committee last week amid reports that the FBI is investigating possibly illegal campaign contributionsto Murtha and other lawmakers.

No matter what the outcome of the federal investigation, PMA’s earmark success illustrates how a well-connected lobbying firm operates on Capitol Hill. And earmark accountability rules imposed by the Democrats in 2007 make it possible to see how extensively PMA worked the Hill for its clients.

In the spending bill managed by Murtha, the fiscal 2008 Defense appropriation, 104 House members got earmarks for projects sought by PMA clients, according to Congressional Quarterly’s analysis of a database constructed by Ashdown’s group.

See CQ’s list of House members who secured earmarks for clients of The PMA Group in the fiscal 2008 defense appropriations law.

Those House members, plus a handful of senators, combined to route nearly $300 million in public money to clients of PMA through that one law (PL 110-116).

And when the lawmakers were in need — as they all are to finance their campaigns — PMA came through for them.

According to CQ MoneyLine, the same House members who took responsibility for PMA’s earmarks in that spending bill have, since 2001, accepted a cumulative $1,815,138 in campaign contributions from PMA’s political action committee and employees of the firm.

Ed Morrissey at Hotair was kind enough to format the top 10 offenders for use on wordpress and as you can see Indiana’s own Pete Visclosky is at the top of the crook list.

Name             State Party   Pork(millions)  PMA Donations
Peter Visclosky   IN     D       $23.8            $219,000
John Murtha       PA     D       $34.1            $143,600
James Moran       VA     D       $10.8            $125,200
Norm Dicks        WA     D       $12.1            $91,600
Bill Pascrell     NJ     D       $2.4             $73,200
David Hobson      OH     R       $3.5             $70,050
Mike Doyle        PA     D       $1.6             $69,400
Loretta Sanchez   CA     D       $3.2             $60,118
Tim Holden        PA     D       $3.2             $57,275
Tim Ryan          OH     D       $3.2             $54,250

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Democrat Clyburn: If you oppose Porkulus your racist.

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

It is amazing how leftists never seem to get tired of this kind of crap…..


Clyburn also had some strong comments for Gov. Mark Sanford on why he thinks he opposed the stimulus.

“The governor of Louisiana expressed opposition. Has the highest African-American population in the country. Governor of Mississippi expressed opposition. The governor of Texas, and the governor of South Carolina. These four governor’s represent states that are in the black belt. I was insulted by that,” Clyburn said. “All of this was a slap in the face of African-Americans. It had nothing to do with Governor Sanford.”…

A spokesman from the governor’s office says, “Representative Clyburn is no stranger to playing the race card, because he has no defense for the runaway spending and the deficits contained in this so-called stimulus bil that will hurt our economy. Spending money at the federal level that we do not have represents a future tax increase on all South Carolinians, regardless of their color – and in the process of doing so, he’s ripping off everyone he claims to represent.”

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Indiana Senate Passes Bill to Allow Camera Ticket Fraud

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

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Time to get on the phone to your State Senator and Indiana Representative in Indianapolis.

Just when states are banning these devices after they have proven to drive up accidents, courts find them unconstitutional, and case after case of fraud are uncovered buy the companies who run these devices, Indiana is moving against the tide of reason.

“It’s a safety factor,” said Sen. Jim Arnold, D-LaPorte.  – Can someone please call this idiot and let him know that these cameras have shown in study after study to increase traffic accidents.

In many cases, the yellow light timing has been manipulated into tricking the motorist into “running a red light”. This resulted in more revenue and increased traffic accidents.

Virginia Dept of Transportation:

Look at the actual VDOT data. Overall in Virginia, T-bone or side-impact accidents increased 20%. Rear-enders went up 42%. Injury accidents increased 18%. Total accidents went up 29%

Case after case and study after study show similar results. Camera enforcement is a threat to public safety.

Besides the public safety issue, the companies that run these things have been caught in multiple incidents of fraud to increase revenue and violations of privacy.

For more details see our post on the subject with all the data you need HERE.

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Indiana Senate Passes Camera Traffic Enforcement Fraud to Take Your $$$

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

Time to get on the phone to your State Senator and Indiana Representative in Indianapolis.

Just when states are banning these devices after they have proven to drive up accidents, courts find them unconstitutional, and case after case of fraud are uncovered buy the companies who run these devices, Indiana is moving against the tide of reason.

“It’s a safety factor,” said Sen. Jim Arnold, D-LaPorte.  – Can someone please call this idiot and let him know that these cameras have shown in study after study to increase traffic accidents.

In many cases, the yellow light timing has been manipulated into tricking the motorist into “running a red light”. This resulted in more revenue and increased traffic accidents.

Virginia Dept of Transportation:

Look at the actual VDOT data. Overall in Virginia, T-bone or side-impact accidents increased 20%. Rear-enders went up 42%. Injury accidents increased 18%. Total accidents went up 29%

Diana Vice:

As a registered Republican, these types of Republican-sponsored measures make me cringe. The Republican-controlled Indiana Senate passed a bill 28-22 yesterday that would allow cities and towns to install cameras at intersections to catch drivers running red lights.

A 2008 University of South Florida report found:“Comprehensive studies conclude cameras actually increase crashes and injuries, providing a safety argument not to install them…. public policy should avoid conflicts of interest that enhance revenues for government and private interests at the risk of public safety.”

Read a summary Full copy, 80k pdf

A 2007 Virginia Department of Transportation study found:“The cameras were associated with an increase in total crashes… The aggregate EB results suggested that this increase was 29%… The cameras were associated with an increase in the frequency of injury crashes… The aggregate EB results suggested an 18% increase, although the point estimates for individual jurisdictions were substantially higher (59%, 79%, or 89% increases) or lower (6% increase or a 5% decrease).”

Read a summary Full copy, 1mb pdf

A 2006 Winnipeg, Canada city audit found:“The graph shows an increase of 58% in the number of traffic collisions from 2003 to 2004…. Contrary to long-term expectations, the chart shows an increase in claims at each level of damage with the largest percentage increase appearing at the highest dollar value.”

Read a summary Full copy, 541k pdf

A 2005 Virginia DOT study found:“The cameras are correlated with an increase in total crashes of 8% to 17%.”

Read a summary Full copy, 1.7mb pdf

In 2005, The Washington Post found:“The analysis shows that the number of crashes at locations with cameras more than doubled, from 365 collisions in 1998 to 755 last year. Injury and fatal crashes climbed 81 percent, from 144 such wrecks to 262. Broadside crashes, also known as right-angle or T-bone collisions, rose 30 percent, from 81 to 106 during that time frame.”

Read a summaryFull article on the Post website

A 2004 North Carolina A&T University study found:“Our findings are more pessimistic, finding no change in angle accidents and large increases in rear-end crashes and many other types of crashes relative to other intersections.”

Read a summary Full copy, 1.7mb pdf

A 2003 Ontario Ministry of Transportation study found: “Compared to the average number of reported collisions occurring in the before period, the average yearly number of reported collisions increased 15.1 per cent in the after period.”

Read a summary Full copy, 1.5mb pdf

A 1995 Australian Road Research Board study found: “The results of this study suggest that the installation of the RLC at these sites did not provide any reduction in accidents, rather there has been increases in rear end and adjacent approaches accidents on a before and after basis and also by comparison with the changes in accidents at intersection signals.”

Read a summary Full copy, 2.4mb pdf

Related Reports and Studies
The importance of the yellow warning signal time in reducing the instances of red light running is found in the following reports:
A 2004 Texas Transportation Institute study found: “An increase in yellow duration of 1.0 seconds is associated with a [crash frequency] of about 0.6, which corresponds to a 40 percent reduction in crashes.”

Read a summary Full copy, 1.5mb pdf

A 2001 report by the Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives found:“The changes in the yellow signal timing regulations have resulted in the inadequate yellow times. And these inadequate yellow times are the likely cause of almost 80 percent of red light entries.”

Full version with summary

And there is MORE where that came from Via

In a photo obtained by, activists left the words “honest mistake,” possibly a reference to an incident earlier this year when Redflex CEO Karen Finley claimed that their usage of unapproved and non-FCC certified equipment was an “honest oversight.”

Redflex is no stranger to the convenience of Post It notes as detailed in the article “Arizona Official Confirms Redflex Falsified Speed Camera Documents

Over one thousand of American Traffic Solution’s photo fraud tickets will be dismissed in Tucson after it was revealed that the process server lied about their delivery.

If paid, the notices would have an estimated value of over $183,000.

Minnesota: $2.6 Million in Red Light Camera Tickets Refunded
Refunds proceed for illegally issued red light camera tickets in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Maricopa Cty JP: Photo-enforcement is unconstitutional

Speed Cameras Recording Everyone 24/7

Surprised state lawmakers learned Thursday that the photo enforcement cameras they authorized last year to catch speeders are actually taking – and keeping – videos of everyone who passes.

The information came out as a House panel debated legislation to outlaw the operation of fixed and mobile cameras on state roads. Backers of the legislation complained that the cameras are really designed to generate revenue and not to improve public safety.

High schoolers find ways to generate false photo tickets

Students from Richard Montgomery High School dubbed the prank the Speed Camera “Pimping” game, according to a parent of a student enrolled at one of the high schools.

Originating from Wootton High School, the parent said, students duplicate the license plates by printing plate numbers on glossy photo paper, using fonts from certain websites that “mimic” those on Maryland license plates. They tape the duplicate plate over the existing plate on the back of their car and purposefully speed through a speed camera, the parent said. The victim then receives a citation in the mail days later.


Mississippi Bans Photo Enforcement

Resistance to automated ticketing is spreading nationwide. The Mississippi State Legislature has decisively voted 117 to 3 to ban photo enforcement in the state.

Montana may soon follow Mississippi’s lead

Yes folks,  yet another state seems to be passing Arizona on the road to restoring its civil liberties.  Montana may soon ban photo enforcement.


Photo Radar Protests Spread Nationwide

.Members of the “Liberty Restoration Project” recently held a demonstration opposed to the use of automated ticketing machines in Kansas City, MO. They are supporting state Senate Bill 211 which would ban the practice outright.

nbcdcIn Maryland, members of CameraFRAUD DC held a small rally which drew the attention of NBC Washington. “Do you really think that these people came out today because they want to be able to drive too fast?” said one forum participant on the NBC Washington website.

 “They came out because they did a little investigating and found out what a racket this is...”

In Arizona, CameraFRAUD plans to hold a rally on Friday afternoon in the Phoenix-suburb of Chandler. Past demonstrations in Arizona have drawn hundreds of participants and captured the attention of local media.


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More Corruption: Stimulus Bill Undermines Ethics Investigators!

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

Vision readers, this is seriously uncool. The elite media should have a cow over this.  So much for all those promises of transparency amd ethics. (Hat Tip

DC Examiner:

The RAT hiding deep inside the stimulus bill.

The provision, which attracted virtually no attention in the debate over the 1,073-page stimulus bill, creates something called the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board — the RAT Board, as it’s known by the few insiders who are aware of it. The board would oversee the in-house watchdogs, known as inspectors general, whose job is to independently investigate allegations of wrongdoing at various federal agencies, without fear of interference by political appointees or the White House.

In the name of accountability and transparency, Congress has given the RAT Board the authority to ask “that an inspector general conduct or refrain from conducting an audit or investigation.” If the inspector general doesn’t want to follow the wishes of the RAT Board, he’ll have to write a report explaining his decision to the board, as well as to the head of his agency (from whom he is supposedly independent) and to Congress. In the end, a determined inspector general can probably get his way, but only after jumping through bureaucratic hoops that will inevitably make him hesitate to go forward.

When Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley, a longtime champion of inspectors general, read the words “conduct or refrain from conducting,” alarm bells went off. The language means that the board — whose chairman will be appointed by the president — can reach deep inside a federal agency and tell an inspector general to lay off some particularly sensitive subject. Or, conversely, it can tell the inspector general to go after a tempting political target.

UPDATE – National Review has a nice piece on this from March 20.

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High School AP Government Class Blasts Obama: “Hitler gave great speeches too.”

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

“If businesses can’t afford to hire people, then people won’t be able to work and pay off their mortgages,” he said. “It’s kind of like putting money into20a funnel.” Albach, who is also a Republican, said Obama’s plan sounds good but questioned how Obama can want to rely on “people’s responsibility” when that is “what got us in this economic crisis in the first place.”

“This puts us more into debt,” said Albach, 18. “It’s a horrible situation we’re in.”

Senior Brandon Miller wore a shirt with the words, “Hitler gave great speeches, too” above a picture of Obama.

Miller said he had been an Obama supporter “because of his speeches,” but after debating the issues in this class and looking more into Obama’s policies, his vote was swayed toward McCain.

He showed a video on his camera he had just taken of the president’s minutelong motorcade and talked about what a “great experience” it was to watch it. Miller had also spent a couple of hours in front of the school, hanging out and watching the protesters.

“Even though I don’t support him, I think it’s cool he’s here,” said Miller, 18. “I just don’t believe all the things he’s telling us. His goal is just too big and broad.”

Miller wanted to hear more about the costs and guidelines the stimulus bill entails.

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CNBC Host: Time for a New Tea Party; Chicago Trade Floor Mocks Obama Plan!

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

UPDATE – Santelli rocking on the Today Show – Santelli’s Mortgage Plan is the same plan we have been pushing at IUSB Vision. Video HERE. Santelli explains what needs to be done in more detail HERE.

If we are going to help people out with the mortgage crisis, we need a plan that helps everybody, not just constituent groups who got houses they could never afford or rich yuppies who got caught “flipping” 2 or 3 houses and got over extended.

The anger and anxiety in the country is rising and people are starting to realize that Obama and the Democrats are letting us down already with the stimulus and now the mortgage plan.

Santelli wasn’t kidding. The Tea Party is on –

CNBC Official Video HERE.

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Government Prosecutors Removed from Sen. Stevens Case; Cited for Contempt by Judge

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

Remember Senator Stevens from Alaska? Sarah Palin started the ball rolling on exposing corruption in Alaska. This got the attention of the feds to start looking at Senator Stevens who was investigated and convicted, but there is a problem.

We first reported on the prosecutorial misconduct in the case HERE. The prosecutors decided that the defense wasn’t entitled to full discovery and some of the FBI agents working for the prosecution were leaking secret grand jury testimony to other witnesses to “help” with their testimony and leaking other grand jury testimony to the press to help taint the jury pool. At least one agent even took gifts from one of the witnesses in the case.

Then we reported that said FBI agent who was taking gifts from a witness was having sex with said key witness.

Of course the prosecution decided that the judge and the defense did not need to know about these things.

FBI Agent Chad Joy blew the whistle and the judge demanded that government prosecutors come clean. Instead the prosecutors filed a series of incomplete and false statements to the judge and the defense and failed to comply with the judges order.

When discovered the prosecutors apologized to the judge:

The new apology comes on top of a series of errors and misstatements made by prosecutors in connection with the complaint and other issues that arose during and after Stevens’ trial.

But in a new motion filed Thursday on the collateral issues, Stevens’ lawyers cited the latest material from prosecutors as additional grounds for their demand that Stevens’ charges be dismissed over government misconduct, or that he at least get a new trial. And they added a new wrinkle: a request to Sullivan that the government be held in contempt.

“The government still does not get it. Over and over again, it has been caught red-handed making false representations to the Court and the defense,” defense attorney Robert Cary said in his motion, filed publicly Thursday after initially having been submitted under seal Monday.

Not only did the government admit another error, Cary said, but it failed to comply with Sullivan’s order of Jan. 21 to produce every communication in its files about Joy’s complaint and to share that material with the defense.


In the court documents put on the record Thursday, prosecutors acknowledged they weren’t complying with the literal words of Sullivan’s order but said they thought “other, more specific statements” by Sullivan required only a disclosure of communications related to whether Joy was a protected government whistle-blower.

That issue has been a subplot in the ever-growing post-trial din. Initially, when prosecutors sought to keep the complaint secret, they said he (Agent Chad Joy) was a protected whistle-blower. When they sought to make the complaint public, they said he wasn’t.

As you can see, the prosecution is trying to undermine and stick it to the Agent who did the right thing and blew the whistle already.

Time for Contempt!

Come Feburary 13 the prosecution was still dragging its feet with complaince after the “apology” so…:

WASHINGTON — The judge who oversaw Ted Stevens’ corruption trial on Friday held in contempt four (reduced to three the next day)  Justice Department prosecutors for failing to turn over documents to the former U.S. senator’s lawyers.

Calling their conduct “outrageous” as employees of “the largest law firm on the planet,” U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan told the Justice Department attorneys Friday afternoon that they must give the documents to Stevens’ legal team by 5 p.m.

The judge said he wasn’t going to address on Friday what sort of penalties the contempt citing will have for the Justice Department lawyers. They include the head of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section, William Welch; the lead trial attorney in the case, Brenda Morris; the attorney who was handling the work product question within the Justice Department, Kevin Driscoll; and the chief of the U.S. Justice Department’s criminal appeals section, Patty Merkamp Stemler.

The documents in question relate to what prosecutors knew — and when — about the whistle-blower status of Chad Joy, an Anchorage FBI agent who worked on the case. Joy in December accused a fellow FBI agent of an improper relationship with the lead witness in the case, Bill Allen, the former head of the Alaska oil services company Veco. Joy also alleged in his complaint that prosecutors in the case violated FBI policy — as well as the rules for fair trials — during the investigation and Stevens’ trial last year.

The Justice Department maintained that the documents sought by the defense were privileged work documents and not subject to review by Stevens’ lawyers. They include e-mails between attorneys within the Public Integrity Section and others in the Justice Department regarding Joy’s status as a whistle-blower.

Sullivan disagreed with the department’s assertion, and ordered on Feb. 3 that they turn them over. There is a precedent for releasing such work when an attorney’s conduct is at issue, Sullivan said in court Friday.

So the “Justice Department” decided that the judge wasn’t entitled to the documents that would hang them and didn’t comply forcing the judge to put them in contempt and threaten jail for them until they complied. This just isnt a few bad apples. I have been studying prosecutorial misconduct for a long time and almost always it is multiple members of the prosecutorial team and some members of law enforcement who collude to do it. It is institutional.

So now the “Justice Department” is preparing it’s official response to Agent Joy’s report that bew the whistle. This article HERE explains Agent Joy’s report in some detail.  Now the justice department (in what I suspect is a self serving act) has removed the prosecutors from the case. 

One has to admire Agent Joy’s courage. This was his first assignment as an FBI Agent, and he blew the whistle on his colleagues and the “Justice Department”. We are fortunate to have Agent Joy’s service to his country.

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