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The way to crush the middle class is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. – Vladimir Lenin

O’Reilly: Liberalism Has Created Irresponsible Behavior In Our Society

Posted by iusbvision on February 19, 2009

People are not regulating their own behavior. The anything goes, if it feels good do it mentality is taking it’s toll. Religion is a primary way that people regulated their own behavior and we all know how the elite media  and the university culture has treated that idea.

When I was SGA Chief Justice, I saw cases where students, professors, and even administrators who make 5 and six figure salaries engaged in truly wicked behavior. Only force or threat of public humiliation and legal consequences persuaded them to do the right thing.

One Response to “O’Reilly: Liberalism Has Created Irresponsible Behavior In Our Society”

  1. Chris said

    Thank you Bill! I would like to see some anti-American liberal (all Democrats) go against anything O’Reilly said. They can’t! and this is the reason why they hate O’Reilly and America. Thank you for posting IUSB.

    [Now now all Democrats goes too far. A great many Democrats on an issue by issue basis agree with Republicans (which is most black and hispanic voters and most rank and file union voters) have been tricked by the slick rhetoric of the far left. Of course this is only true when Republicans stick to their principles (and it helps to communicate them intelligently).

    School choice, abortion for convenience, late term abortion, gun control, taxes, etc. Issue by issue they agree with Republicans.

    Those Democrats are not anti-American but they are not taking the time to do their civic duty to stay well informed. We need to learn to communicate better in the face of what has now turned out to be a royally dishonest and slick politician like Obama. – Editor]

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