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Rick Santelli Explains What is Wrong with Obama’s Mortgage Plan

Posted by iusbvision on February 22, 2009

This idea that we should only help those with mortgages who are behind on their payments is nuts. My family is struggling just like so many others and is on the edge between making payments and not making them.

Everyone deserves some mortgage relief if the government is going to do this.

Why? Because a great many of these mortgages were with people who were buying homes they could not afford, or extra homes in order to “flip them” in 2-3 years in order to make a fast buck. They got caught when the housing market crashed. Are these the people you want to bail out and benefit at the cost of YOUR mortgage going up? Go through bankruptcy judges Obama says?? So if your in trouble and broke how are you supposed to hire a lawyer???

This Obama plan stinks and as it stands now, as broke as I am, it is not going to help me. It is not going to help most people who are cutting back and struggling to make their mortgage payments.

As far as Larry Kudlow’s complaint about the White House Press Secretary attacking a member of the media, he is only partially correct. When the media acts responsibly as Santelli is and honestly critiquing the Obama plan Kudlow is correct, but when the media acts as a partisan instrument that is out to destroy you as was the case during the Bush Administration, they should have done what Tony Snow started to do and amp it up; call out media instruments that are ridiculously partisan, biased, hateful and unfair as the New York Times was to Snow, McCain, Palin, and the Bush Administration. The best way to fight the abuse of free speech by the elite media is more speech, not less.

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