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How to Defeat James Carville’s Two Best Talking Points

Posted by iusbvision on February 26, 2009


James Carville

James Carville

I have seen Democrat Strategist James Carville on the cable news shows and he always says two things, both of which are a complete deception.

The first Carville talking point is :

Rush Limbaugh, the head of your party, says that he wants this president to fail so you rotten Republicans are just trying to block for the sake of blocking. Your opposition isn’t sincere. You are so afraid of Limbaugh that you won’t applaud for Obama even when you agree with him.

Republicans have to be bold with the facts here and hit back hard:

WRONG! Limbaugh said that if Obama wants to socialize America and turn America into what looks like a failed European socialist state then he wants him to fail.

We Republicans want America to win and we aren’t going to win with these bloated government policies that resemble Jimmy Carter and Herbert Hoover. I happened to know that in spite of your differences you and Rush are friends through your wife so there is no excuse for you to not tell the truth about his message. Or Mine.

And excuse me Jim, Ok lets talk about support. Do you mean support for Obama like the Democrats gave President Bush, or the war, or trying to keep another attack from happening on our soil? Democrats didn’t dare utter the word Victory in regards to the war effort, instead the Democratic leader was too busy giving the enemy a propaganda coup by declaring the war lost just as the surge was about to become a total success.

Are you questioning my patriotism James? Didn’t you say that dissent is the highest form of Patriotism?

Carville will immediately jump into his second talking point:

We Democrats don’t need lectures from Republicans about big spending and fiscal irresponsibility we have the last eight years to demonstrate that.

The proper response:

Excuse me Jim but Democrats were spending too much gleefully right along with the Republicans the voters threw out of office and now instead of the change that YOU promised, you are taking what went wrong in the last 8 years, doing it again, and putting in on steroids.

You know it, the CBO knows it, the 100 economists who put an ad in the New York Post know it, the CNBC talking heads know it and the market knows it which is why it tanks every time Obama gets in front of a microphone.

These responses also have the virtue of being true.

It reminds me of Quinn’s law # 2 , “If you want to know what leftists are up to, pay attention to what they accuse the conservatives of.”

[Editor’s Note – Wait until I graduate. I am going to change GOP communications strategy forever.]

UPDATE – Lets just tackle one more talking point:

It’s those tax cuts that got us into this mess.

The proper response:

Excuse me James, but before Bush took office we had another bubble that bursted, trashed the economy, and caused a recession; it was called the tech Bubble, and then 9/11 hit us. So we lowered taxes on everyone and got out of the way. The economy recovered, unemployment went down and government revenue went up and lowered the deficit. So don’t try to lie to the American people they know better.

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