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IUSB Computers Used to Whitewash Our Own Wikipedia Entry…

Posted by iusbvision on February 26, 2009

There is silly, there is stupid and then there is royally pathetic. The question is, what category does this fall into?

There is a reason why one should never use Wikipedia as a source for ANYTHING.

It is well known that Wikipedia has a controversies section on many subjects, institutions and people. But for IUSB that section is no longer and that is not the only thing that is missing. They also like to remove parts of the other sections such as links to student publications and other activities.

A few people here at IUSB, whose IP’s can be tracked easily to identify the perpetrators, have been whitewashing IUSB’s wikipedia entry.

So the question is, are you prepetrators going to start obeying the spirit of Wikipedia’s rules or shall we publish your names at the top of this very page, with a nice fat picture to go with the name? Anything really worth doing is worth doing in the light of day is it not?

Let us know what you think in our comments section.

UPDATE – So I started parusing around the history of the page. Take a look HERE. The controversies section as added by someone and it is removed.  This is just one example. The factbook link to IUSB is gone, links to the Preface, the Vision, and information about the SAC and housing and other things. Even information on student clubs went POOF and so did links and references to things in the South Bend Tribune about IUSB.

It is no secret that PR people monitor the pages they work for like a hawk. These people abuse and manipulate the rules and try to make relationships with official Wikipedia editors to go after people who would post any relavent fact they find inconvenient. By manipulating these rules people submit for banning anyone who posts information that is not liked.

Congressional staffers monitor wikipedia like hawks, and there are even guides on how to use and manipulate wikipedia to use it for marketing (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Wikipedia was designed to be the “anti-corporate”, collectivist open source, feel good, kumbaya, place to get “real” information that was “honest”.  The new rules and tools they implemented to resist corprate PR take over of Wikipedia made the editing rules and tools more complex thus allowing those who have taken the time to master a complex new “edit verifying system” to manipulate it and actually strengthen the PR lock on Wikipedia’s content.

The result: Since Wikipedia results are often near the top of any Google search, the “anti-corporate” information source has become THE public relations marketing tool of the internet (see Quinn’s Laws of Leftism #1).

Always remember that nothing on wikipedia should be accepted as anything but total PR marketing and has no more credibility than a cigarette ad in a magazine.

UPDATE II – One of our people tried to reinsert some of the links that had been removed from the site, within 90 seconds they were removed and a warning from Wikipedia about posting spam and warez was given to the poster. Of course there was no spam or warez, just a couple of links that were there for a long time and then whitewashed.

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