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KSLA-TV: Biden Lied About Louisiana Unemployment to Attack Gov. Jindal

Posted by iusbvision on February 27, 2009

KSLA TV on Biden’s lies. If Sarah Palin had lied like this the elite media would be all over it nation wide. Instead the people at KSLA stand alone in telling the truth.

The racial attacks from the left against Jindal will be coming soon. They have been against Michael Steele for some time.

I enjoyed’s take on Biden’s Lie:

Why would a sitting VP want to exaggerate how many jobs are disintegrating on his watch? Because, silly, the worse things seem now, the easier it is to credit The One later with having “created or saved” the jobs people still have.

You know what the media did here, don’t you? They … messed with Joe.



UPDATE: This video was posted for 10 minutes and the racial attacks have started already. Here is an example:

Was Bobby Jindals Mother a Slum Slut and his Father a Slum Dog? Because Bobby Jindal is a Slum Dog Sadist!

This is the state of the far left folks. Normal people just have to be bold about calling them out on it.

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